Monday, October 26, 2009

NO NAP HELL, Have you heard of it?

Where have I been, you ask? I have been in NO NAP HELL! Can I be any clearer? I know so many of you have been in NNH longer than I have but I just never could imagine it. Well, now I don't have to. Don't get me wrong. I love the Little Buddy. He's my first baby and it probably could be a lot worse. I am just trying to adjust to this new phase in my life when I have one child not napping and another slumbering 2+ hours away. The first few weeks it was cake. I would put Pman down, turn on the tv for W (judge me, I don't care) and sit down to eat a late lunch, do my blogging, clean up around the house and read magazines. That has all changed since W has decided, how did he put it today? "I don't like tv anymore." No kidding. He simply follows me around asking me what I am doing? What are you doing now? Now, what are you going to do? Are you all done? Are you going to rest?

and today while I was in the shower I asked him to go play in his room.

"Are you almost done?" all in a whisper so we don't wake Pman .

I whispered back, "I still have to dry my hair. Why don't you go play in your room."
Still whispering, "I think I will just wait until you are done."
And all I can think about is that he is having nude images of his "could stand to lose a few" mother ingrained in his 4 year old mind! Like I told you...I am in NO NAP HELL! and I think he probably is too after watching me take a shower.

So I guess I just have to wait until we reach the next transition when Master P gives up his nap. and then what? DOUBLE NO NAP HELL!?!

P.S. Please know that this is all a little bit in jest. A little bit. W is an angel and it could be worse.
P.P.S. I took a risk today and bought A Taste of Thai Curry Paste that I found at Whole Foods. Sauteed some onions and shrimp and poured it all over rice and I was pleasantly surprised. Super spicy. Not for your taste bud sensitive kids but pretty good nonetheless, for a packed paste.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who Dat Saints!

I haven't watched the Saints all season. and figured that today was the day. That I needed to show my Who Dat Spirit and watch. I promptly felll asleep after Miami started to whip the Saints a bit.
then I woke up and got W going and he said, "Who Dat Saints!" and truly the tides turned. The Saints beat Miami like nobody's business and it was all because of the way we clapped and the way W said Who Dat! I believe it.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pman!

Happy Birthday, Pman! My sweet little baby. You are two years old today and I feel like you are 18. Really. Because you can do so many things that surprise me for a two year old. I may call you a holy terror and although I may mean it, it is said with more love than you can imagine.

I am sad that you are sick on your big day but hopefully you will be well for your party. Maybe your pookiness is contributing to your unenthused reaction to your new tricycle. I thought for sure you would giggle with delight.

But! You sure blew out your birthday candles like an old pro.

Here's to you, Master P, on your second birthday!
I love you, Mom