Monday, July 31, 2006

Okay-just got back from P.J.'s. W and his friend were talking a mile a minute, having the best time. A girl with a laptop in the corner gave us multiple dirty looks-the chatter must have been bothering her. At first I felt bad about it because I must admit that would have been me 1 year ago. and now I hate who I was. They are babies and like L said, you're not in a library. She finally left. and I don't feel bad about it anymore.

I'm trying to blog and he's sticking his fingers in every hole possible on the cpu. I really have to rearrange things if I want to keep doing this. The computer really shouldn't be in his room anyway, it's just that we don't have much space.

He's exhausted. Every outing like that tuckers him out. But want to hold him off until his naptime. I am super particular about his schedule but I'll save that for another time. It makes our life predictable and easy and that's all that matters.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

So we went out last night-it wasn't our usual Saturday night date night. It was a party for my husband's firm. I get very excited about going to these, even before we had W and could go out any time we wanted. They really are fun. It was J's turn to get up on Sunday with the little buddy. I got up Saturday morning. We take turns on weekends. so I should've whooped it up big but for some reason I didn't. But J seemed to forget that it was his turn because he really tied one on and came back to bed after W went down for his nap and slept until 1pm. Must be nice.

So the day has been pretty much shot. Very boring. I brought the dry run of W's 1st year birthday cake over to my brother and sister-in-law. Yes, I am making it-a train. The first run was a bit sloppy but dee-licious and made with a lot of love. I asked around about where to get the cake but when I really started thinking about it, I realized I don't like store bought cakes, or wedding cakes for that matter. I am a
Betty Crocker yellow cake type of girl. After the fact I went online and got some tips for making it look a tad bit neater. Betty Crocker has some good ideas for birthday cakes too. See above link.

For those who aren't as adventurous as I am, I was told that Swiss Confectionary makes good theme cakes and that Walmart at Tchopitoulas makes a simple yellow cake that baby's like.

After W wakes up from his nap we are off to Superior Grill. it's very kid friendly - loud and good. My brother must have gone out hard last night too because they called to see if we were making our usual Sunday afternoon Superior Run. He is kind of particular about his restaurants so hewasn't a fan until we turned him onto it and he had no choice one night. You can't beat the frozen top shelf margaritas. But be sure to ask for a styrofoam cup if it's not happy hour. It keeps them from melting. Just to be responsible-make sure you have a designated driver.

Then our night will be done. It doesn't bother me to eat at 5 anymore, not since we had W.

Oh, one last thing. Check in Wednesday for Mom's Wednesday wine down.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

FINALLY! I have been waiting to start posting since I decided to do this over a margarita last week. My husband and baby are out doing some male bonding at Lowe's - looking for a shovel to tear out what's left of our garden in the back patio after Katrina. I think this is the first time that I have ever been alone in my house since W was born. So here I sit with my iced coffee typing away. I have to say I am anxious-that I won't have enough time- but isn't that a recurring theme once you have a baby? enough time... I loooove being a mom and loooove being a stay at home mom but it's hard living in post K N.O. to find resources. For things to do in this 90 degree heat or even to hook up with other moms. I am that person you read about in fiction novels-the desperate mom on the street who stalks any and every mom they see with a new baby. I ALWAYS say hi but it's not always welcomed. That's okay-at first I was offended when another mom would shun me but I have learned that first time moms love to chat-if it's a 2nd or 3rd child there is not enough time to stop and chat They may be running home from the coffee shop hoping to sit in peace while the child is with the dad, or grandmother or just taking a nap. I don't take anything personally anymore. I've actually met a lot of mom's at P.J.'s. A good place to hang out in the morning. Especially now that W will sit in the highchair and eat his graham cracker while I talk about nothing and usually the same things with my friend. It's the highlight of my day, really.

Oh! They're back!