Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hungover Musings on New Year's Eve

What a way to end the year-hungover. Why? oh Why? did I do this to myself? We went out for a simple meal of sushi last night and ended the night at La Petite Grocerie at the bar with a mojito after a bottle and a half of wine. Before the Little Buddy that would have been a splash in the bucket but today, Blah. I think I might die. Fortunately, John was sweet enough to brave the light of day and wake up with the Little Buddy and bring me some Gatorade in bed. and the Little Buddy was sweet enough to talk to himself in his bed until 7. At 9 John put W in bed so he could come back to bed and I knew it wasn't going to happen for him but I was wrong. W napped until 11. That's my baby.

At 11am, being a holiday and all, I didn't have the heart or ability to fight with W over what to eat and I certainly wouldn't be able to stand the smell of guacamole so we ate Cream Cheese and Chive Captain Wafers for lunch. If you've never had them, go out right now to Sav a Center and get some. You'll think you've died and gone to heaven, in a cheesy truck stop sort of way.

If you're not from or living in New Orleans right now and you want to get a feel for what life has been like here since The Storm, read Chris Rose's article, A New Dawn. He tells it like it is, the good and the bad, and made me feel bad for not doing more to help the city. But if you are living here, don't let it make you feel bad that you haven't done enough. You're here. You're patronizing stores and your going to restaurants and you're paying insanely high water and electric bills and property taxes.

I didn't really plan on having many new year resolutions.
  • I always say I won't drink wine during the week and that never really works so I've learned to not set myself up for failure.
  • I would like to say that I will become more organized but I'm not an organized person nor will I even pretend to be.
  • I resolve to stick to Body for Life for 12 weeks. I will do that.
  • But the most important resolution has to do with the Little Buddy. I resolve to giggle and laugh with W, to splash in mud puddles on rainy days, to go to the park often, to run wild at the zoo and imitate the monkeys, to take too many pictures and to hug him bigger and harder than the day before. That resolution I can keep.
Off to watch the Saint's game. Who Dat!?
Until next year....

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Eve Food Coma

Last year I was in a food coma after I ate dinner. We had so much. But this year may be different. Like I said, we are having Coq au Vin. It's done, sitting on the stove, waiting to cool down before it goes in the icebox to sit over night so that it's scrumptious tomorrow. There are 4 of us. I got 12 thighs (decided not to have breasts, they always get so dry). 2 for the girls, 4 for the men. Well, accidents happen. As I was salting the thighs it came pouring out and one thigh got way over salted. I tried to wipe it off but couldn't and stupidly one side was already browning. You see, to prevent the overwashing of my hands, I salt and pepper one side, put it in the pot and salt and pepper the other side once it's cooking. Woops-so I couldn't wash it off and start over. So now we are short a thigh! Looks like I'll only be having 1. I'll just have to eat a ton of buttered egg noodles to compensate.

The past few days I've come across some really good food blogs. Check them out at your liesure. The graphic design is really cool too and the photos make my mouth water. Especially the martini at Daily Olive.

Delicious Days
Daily Olive

I'll let you know how the New Year's Eve meal comes out. I'm done cooking so I can relax tomorrow. The only thing I have to do is get the CHEESE. I love cheese and I was going to get it at Whole Foods Uptown but this is the second time in a row I've had to deal with the crotchety old cheese monger. He's pissy and really doesn't want to be there. I want to patronize St. James Cheese Shop anyway. They are new on the scene and the only independent cheese monger I know of in New Orleans. and by the way, the sandwhiches are good and cheesy!

Friday, December 29, 2006

What my baby did today

Today was a great day!!! The Little Buddy had a busy day and I'll tell you what he did.
1. Played with a Mr. Potato Head and loved it
2. Grabbed Lauren and Peyton's Barbie's by the hair and chunked them to the ground.
3. Gave Lauren a big hug, unexpectedly.
3. Asked for a bite of my turkey sandwich-yaaaay protein!!! This was huge.
3. Swung at the Park and actually enjoyed it!!! This was even "huger". He usually hates the swings but for some reason today he swung and swung and swung with a big smile on his face.
4. Sat in a booster seat at Superior Grill. THEY WERE OUT OF HIGHCHAIRS. After all the pumping up of Superior Grill that I do and all the talk about being baby friendly, they are out of highchairs???!!!! He loved the booster seat. Lucky for them.
5. Ate basically a whole tomato. It's the weirdest phenomenon. A split second after I put the tomato down in front of him, he stuffs it in his mouth. I can put a tomato in front of him at home, at Mimo and Papas, at any other restaurant and he shoves it away, but at Superior he stuffs it in faster than I can say "Abracadabra!". I think it's the cilantro.
6. And then ate at least 50 2 minutes.

It was a good day.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Year's Eve Menu

Ever since I was pregnant with the Little Buddy my NYE has become one of the most cherished nights on my calendar. I always hated that night until then-I'm sure you understand-the hooplah, the build-up, the let-down, it always sucked until I got pregnant and the pressure was off. Now we stay at home and enjoy the night, the way it is meant to be enjoyed, with good food and good friends and ending early if we feel like it.

sidebar: my parents go to a party that starts at 6 but they set the clocks to 9 and 3 hours later at 9 (clock says 12) they whoop it up big, sing Auld Lang Syne, kiss each other, toast to the New Year and go home. They are 65-70 years old, but it nothing sounds better to me

Last year I made individual Beef Wellingtons complete with mushroom duxelles and Marchand de Vin sauce and I have to say it was exquisite although maybe not quite as rare as I would have liked. This year I had big plans too. Osso Bucco. Never made it, thought it would be fun to try, but after my Christmas Eve Soiree which I thoroughly enjoyed even while having a cracked rib the thought of slaving over the stove does not sound fun (even with my sassy new apron). I told our friends, who started our annual tradition with us, that they had to settle for french roasted chickens. Then J made me feel bad about it because that was too easy. I got to thinking and decided that easy is okay but it must be festive! So I changed my mind once again. That's my perogative. I've settled for Coq au Vin. Unless of course one of you foodies out there can suggest something even more festive and less complicated.

Feel free to flood my comment board. I'm all ears, or eyes, rather. What would you cook? What are you going to cook? Anyone? Anyone?

New Year's Resolutions and Baby Clothes

So I've started my New Year's Resolution early. It's to be a better mom in the activity sense. I have pledged not to sit on the phone when W is awake or sit at the computer (this is an exception, he is having a fabulous time playing with diapers right now and as soon as he gets bored I'm done here). So when he woke up from his nap we ate lunch, read some books (which never lasts long) and then got in the stroller and took off for the park. Now, here's where I start to bitch. There was another mom at the park and her kid looked like he was 2. W and I headed for the play area, nowhere near her and her kid. Well her kid comes scrambling over and she said, "What a pretty little girl". Well, that's nice. At this point she was being nice but I get this all of the time and I'm over it. I really get it every time we meet someone new. Okay, he had on a blue coat and a white hat. I do have to say that my child is pretty (I can brag for a second) and I know when babies are bald it's hard to tell if they are boys or girls. I get it. and I also know that I dress him like a baby, not like a toddler, because I feel like he's only a baby once and he looks so cute. But I don't go over board with frilly outfits. It was a coat. Then she asks how old "she" is. I tell her he's 16 months.

"Oh, I can't tell he's a boy. I mean, I know he has on blue but it looks like a dress."

IT'S A FRICKIN' COAT! How blatantly rude do you want to be? I'll stop the story here. I don't want to be rude right now and go on about how her kid was dressed. I just think that who are you to judge someone else's baby? Everyone has the right to dress their child like they want to. and everyone has the right not to be judged by some other crappy mom at the playground. I don't know, it bugged me this time. I usually let it roll of my back pretty well.

So, I'm done. No more complaining for today. We had a great time at the park. He slid down the slide a few times. Crawled up and down the jungle gym steps. Ran around and then we left.

Now I'm going. He's done with the diapers and we are going to do a little dancing. Once we move to our new house we will have plenty dancing time for every one to matter how you're dressed.
Christmas was so great. It was the first time in a long time that it was just family. Don't get me wrong. It was always fun to spend Christmas Eve with a whole bunch of family friends but it was nice that it was just family this year. I cooked a dee-licious dinner.

Christmas Cocktails
Cranberry Gin and Tonics
complete with homemade cranberry syrup

Hors D'ouevres
Smoked salmon crackers topped with capers and olive oil

Brined Center cut pork loin stuffed with garlic
Gruyere potatoes
variation on my dad's and probably would go back next time
Spinach salad
with Plantation cookbook dressing (if you've never tried's like crack)

Cranberry cheesecake crumble
compliments of Aunt JoJo

It took 2 days of cooking but I had a great time doing it. Besides the fact that I had/have a cracked rib (from coughing, I know, you'd think I was 90 years old. But not to worry I have codeine for the night coughing and the strain when I pick the Little Buddy up is subsiding)

Flashback to the 22nd (Nola Baby reminded me), when it was raining for days and days. I had a bad feeling. I don't know why, maybe because our roof is still unrepaired from Katrina and the blue roof has been in shreds for months. That morning I walked into W's bathroom and SPLASH! all over my head. The water was leaking in through the door jamb. Odd place but I knew it would only get worse. My dad happened to have a roll of viscuine. I was almost desperate enough to go up on the roof to put it up myself except our latter isn't tall enough. To make a long story, someone put a tarp up for us but not before the water travelled into W's room and created a whole pocket full of water right over his napsleeping head.

The blessing of it all was that one of my dearest friends was in town from Houston so I got a stress free night of eating and drinking, of course, with her at Clancy's AND cocktails at Monkey Hill afterwards. Clancy's was good, as always, but I do have a complaint. The portions have gotten considerably smaller since the storm. Maybe they are trying to cut costs. The smoke has become almost unbearable. I know, I know. John gets so mad that we always have to sit downstairs, but that's where the action is. I know we can't complain but the past two times we have sat next to chain smokers. The kind who have one cigarette in their mouth, a new one waiting to be lit at the exact second they put the one in their mouth out all the while eating dinner. Disgusting. I am not ashamed to say it, either. Sorry if smokers are offended. I am counting down the days until January 1st when it will be a pleasure to eat at smoke free restaurants.

Anyway, my friend and I had such a fun girls' night. We laughed and talked and drank delicious wine. She's one of those friends that even though we don't live in the same town ( I really miss her living here) we talk almost everyday and it's almost like we live in the same town except we only see each other every year or so.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

W had no clue that it was Christmas Eve or that Santa was coming. All he knew was that he was getting a whole lot of family time and he was lovin' it. Here's a snap of W and Mimo whoopin' it up big right before he went to bed. It's one of my most favorite pictures of him-in a state of pure joy.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

I can't believe it's almost Christmas. and I still have so much to do. We are anxiously awaiting the Tickle Me Elmo that hasn't yet arrived. Walmart is blaming it on UPS and UPS is blaming it on Walmart. After having been in retail I definitely believe UPS. I will be sad if we don't get it although W won't know the difference. I just know he would love him so much. BUT Papa will pull through for us. He went shopping today at The Magic Box and got him a last minute present. I think he got it for himself as much for W. The way he was talking he couldn't wait to open it and get it going. It was cute listening to him describe it.

I'll be back after Christmas. So much to write. Here's a teaser...

1. A dear friend who I talk to everyday but haven't seen in ages came in town last night and we had a fabulous girls night!
2. I've discovered that I've become very indecisive in my old age-more later.
3. I've been coughing so long and hard that my ribs hurt (almost as much as they did when W was sitting up under them for 9 months)-tell you how I'm feeling. I'm sure you're on pins and needles.
4. I'm having Christmas Eve dinner here. Much planning. Things I will do different next year for holiday entertaining.
5. Went to Commander's tonight for dinner with the fam. Will give you my opinion on the new Commander's.
6. Warning on the Stomach flu going around-well it will be too late to write about it but beware.
7. W's new trick.

And Much Much More!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today, like I said in the last post, my little buddy was a busy bee. I know this because I was with him in the morning and in the afternoon until he went to bed but JJ told me what he did in between. I had a free 3 hours. I worked out and went shopping! I didn't run any "choreful" errands. It was about me (and a few Christmas presents). I was free. Free to lift weights, shop and do what I waned without lugging around a 25 pound baby.

But I can't tell you how much I missed my 25 pound lug, terribly. I really did. and I couldn't wait for him to greet me when I got home. Which he did- with his sweet smile, his hand in the air, running for the door, waiting to put his head on my chest and hug me like I've never been hugged. Nothing beats that. Not even shopping.

Busy Baby

W was a very busy baby today. He took 2 walks. One in his stroller another in his new favorite wagon the anonymous neighbors gave us. He walked up and down the block and picked berries off the bush. He practiced getting in and out of his wagon and practiced feeding himself. He even finished off a whole bowl of guacamole with secret cheese and tomatoes in it! It was a good eating day. He ate some Nilla wafers and then we took off for the park where he mastered the high step on the jungle gym. Met some new friends. Swung in the big boy swing. Waved bye to his friends. Walked the block at Mimo and Papas and plucked the flowers off the bush. Climbed up and down the stairs outside. Finger painted with flour and water (supposed to have food coloring but didn't have any) Played ball with everybody and punched on a little neighbor girl's cell phone and stomped over the finger puppets she gave him for Christmas. Talked our ears off and threw some dirt all over the driveway. Refused some goldfish but stuffed down a pb&j in 5 minutes flat. Took a bath and is now playing with dad. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it.

A bit of baby advice

John hates when I talk about this stuff but I feel it is my duty as a mom to share this piece of info with my fans. W has some bowel problems and it is a constant source of worry for me so to all those mom's out there who have the same worries I have just put two and two together. A nice relaxing, warm bath fixes it almost every time.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Muddy Sunday

W spent the whole day outside today. First with Mimo and Papa and then with me and John. He was in heaven and didn't want to be anywhere near inside. He headed straight for outside after Mimo and Papa left so out we went. We walked up and down the sidewalk and I thought it would be fun to teach him how to stomp in a mud puddle. He didn't want anything to do with he sat and the mud. So we had to go to a party tonight barefooted....because he only has one pair of shoes...that are all muddy now...on appropriate.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who Dat say they goin' to beat them Saints?

I've talked about my Obsessive compulsive disorder before. I know I have. and about how I just learned it runs in the family. All the stupid things I have to do each and every day like touching all the stove burners every night before going upstairs and saying "hot, hot, hot, hot" or checking on the Little Buddy twice before I go to bed. The second time I have to say to someone, "I'm going to check on the Little Buddy". (John told me one night I didn't need to tell him that every night. Oh, but yes I do.) The list goes on and on and on and on and gets wierder and wierder and wierder so I will spare you. But it's the reason why I am very selective about when I put the Little Buddy in his Reggie Bush jersey that Uncle RaRa and Aunt JoJo gave him. When I was in college and the Saints were doing pretty well I had to clap a certain way every time if I wanted them to score or make it down the field. If I put W in the jersey regularly it will become a habit and almost certainly turn into an obsession. Then the poor little tyke will be wearing the Reggie Bush jersey every Sunday when the Saints play until they move away or he can dress himself. Whichever comes first. But this Sunday calls for the Reggie Bush jersey.I'm not all that football savvy but I'm told if they win this Sunday they will go to the playoffs. WHO DAT!!! Here's a preview of what you'll be missing.

Body for Life and The Biggest Loser

I'm back on it! Body for Life was my savior a few years ago, before I got married or pregnant and it truly was a life change. My dad gave my brother and I the book for Christmas. Is that a hint or what? and at first it looks like a joke. The before and after pictures of people that is. but it's not. Anyway, it was my way of life for about 4 years probably until my 7th month of pregnancy and then all hell broke loose. I ate whatever I wanted and enjoyed it thoroughly, carrott cake every night, Mexican food, cheese! I gained weight but not a disgusting amount and looked pretty good after I had W-or atleast I thought so-until I stopped breast feeding. Old habits die hard. I could not shake the "eating what I wanted" habit and still haven't up until 3 days ago when I decided that I had to do something. I can't wait until the New Year because at the rate I was going by Christmas I would have put on another 5-10 pounds and would be miserable. So my strategy is Body For Life until the 23rd and then pick it up again on the 27th of December. Can I tell you? I forgot how good BFL makes me feel. Even after only 3 days, my clothes are feeling not quite as snug. I've stopped eating 5 goldfish for every 1 that W eats and don't sneak a bit of his PB&J when he's not looking. All that crap really added up.

On the weight note, did anyone see the Biggest Loser last night? Oh my gosh!! Eric was a different person. Unbelievably crazy. I didn't even recognize him and Kai! Although I think she is so rough and "yeah u rite!" I have to admit she looks great. It really is unbelievable. I don't know why I have such a huge fascination with that show but it mesmerizes me.

W'ere getting bored

since we haven't been able to play with others lately. We have to find pleasures in the little things. Yesterday this is what we did:
1. Went to the coffee shop
2. Dropped in at Mimo and Papa's to play in the morning. Since they have the life of leisure they were still sleeping so we played quietly downstairs until they woke. After 20 minutes we decided that 8:30 was too late for grandparents to be sleeping so we went up to wake them up. They weren't there!
3. Picked Mimo and Papa up from the CC's and went back to their house for a morning of fun.
4. Napped
5. Ate lunch, grocery shopped
6. Played outside. Picked berries off the bushes. Rode in the wagon some anonymous neighbor gave us. Can't help but thinking how great it will be for Mardi Gras.
7. Climbed the stairs.
8. Doodled around the house.
9. Napped
10. Went to Uncle RaRa's wine tasting.

That's it. Summed it up in 10 steps. I know you are as excited as we are about it all.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I just can't shake it, this cold I've had. I thought I was over it this weekend and it came roaring back full throttle on Monday. It looked like the Little Buddy dodged it but he woke up this morning with a horrible cough. He seems in pretty good spirits. We went to play with Mimo and Papa this morning and as always had a great time but on the way back he fell asleep. I can't remember the last time he fell asleep in the car. I hope he gets over it soon-that it doesn't get worse-before it gets better because he hasn't been able to play with his freinds in a long time. We can't have playdates or go to play group. I even had to steer him away from another toddler this morning at the coffee shop when he so desperately wanted to play. So say a little prayer for the Little Buddy so that he can celebrate Christmas in true Little Buddy style.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I don't get it

I just checked on the Little Buddy before getting ready for bed. part of my nightly routine and once again he's sleeping perpendicular to the long side of the crib. Know what I mean? He's too long to fit so his feet are on top of the bumper pad and sticking out of the slats. I don't get it, but he looks so peaceful and so comfortable and he's sleeping and he's my baby so I know it doesn't matter. I love you, Sweet Pea.

All I want for Christmas

I wish I had a picture of W on Santa's lap but the some old lady was in my ear telling me what to do and by the time the real photographer had finished and I was allowed to take a picture, John had already taken him off of his lap. He screeeeeaaaaaamed! He wasn't happy to begin with. The magic show was going on when we got there and it was way too loud for everyone. W was a bit overwhelmed by it all.

He's seemed to have gotten over the trauma now. He's been crawling up the stairs like a madman which saves me a little load. We didn't get a tree because I was afraid he would pull it down and he wouldn't have much space to play. Mimo and Papa brought a tree home from North Carolina just for him and he doesn't care a hoot about it so we probably could have gotten a tree and all would have been fine. I must admit, I am secretly pleased that I don't have to deal with it this year, especially with the big move we are hoping to make in the New Year.

W doesn't really know that anything is happening-you know, with Christmas. All he wants for Christmas is a tickle me elmo. He didn't tell me but I know it. and he already has his 2 front teeth.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Twentyfourseven on MTV

For all those reality moms out there...a new reality show is coming on after Real World Denver tonight. It's called Twentyfourseven. I can't find out much info on it. MTV's website makes me sick. Maybe my computer isn't fast enough. I don't know and it seems like everything is a video. All I wanted to do was READ some info on it but couldn't find that. I know it's about seven strangers, sound familiar? but they have jobs, like record producer etc. I'll tell you more after the show here and at Reality TV News Blog.

It's Nola Baby W again

Hi. I haven't blogged since North Carolina. I've been busy. I have this new trick. Mom and Dad think that it's really cute. They think that I'm learning how to share. I always knew how to share just never felt like frickin' sharing. I feed them food now. Really it's just the things that I don't want to eat. And suckers! they eat it. They don't want to hurt my feelings so they will eat every bite until I'm done feeding them whatever was on my plate.

The other night Uncle RaRa made this big pot of delicious smelling Creole Cassoulet. Didn't give me any of it. Nope, not even a small bite. They just try shoving in butter beans, green beans and dried out chicken nuggets. And they wonder why I won't eat? They are certainly not sharing a moist chicken thigh or andouille sausage piece that's been cooking all day. Typical. Anyway, they don't have a chair for me at Mimo and Papa's. So I have to stand while they are all licking there fingers after the delicious Cassoulet. I showed them. I stood there and made them play peekaboo with me. Dumb idiots. They looked so stupid sticking there heads under the table every 30 seconds. I laughed just enough to egg them on. Had to of hurt their backs.-they're not getting any younger. If you haven't seen 6 grown adults duck under the table and scream "Boo!" you're missing out. You gotta try it-and try to get it on video. The list of stupid things I can get them to do is growing by the day. For awhile they were dancing like fools. So I'd bend my knees a couple of times and they would HOWL! I mean really Howl. That was probably my best trick but I'll tell you one thing. I don't know where I came from because none of them have ANY rhythm.

Home Alone!

I am home alone. Just me. No one else. Aaaahhhh.

This is the first time since I've had W that I have been home alone. There was one other time when John took him to Walmart, but I was sleeping so it doesn't count. It feels wierd. Like something is missing but I am sure I'll get used to it. I don't know what to do with myself and I am filled with anxiety that I am not doing something that I should be doing. It's not at all like running errands by yourself. I have time to do that. Every time I'm running errands by myself I think of all the things that I need to do at home that I can't do when he's taking a nap. It's not enough time. If your were wondering, Mimo and Papa have him. They picked him for a few hours because I'm under the weather. I really, really want to take a nap. I'm exhaused and pooky from this cold but I can't bring myself to do it. I'M HOME ALONE! I feel like McCauley in the movie. Like I should run around the house with my hands flailing in the air.

This morning I went to the bathroom. W was with me. This may be too much for some people but I'll tell it anyway. I looked over and I was out of Toilet Paper. I screamed, Oh ----! No pun intended and then I started laughing. and then W came out with one of the Belly laughs from his toes. We laughed, and laughed and laughed. I probably should have been crying. But I was laughing and he was laughing and just staring at me. We had no where to go. It was a great moment. I'll end the story there, you don't need to know how it ends to enjoy it.

You know that John has a problem with all of W's shape sorters. He feels like it's too much pressure. THE PRESSURE OF THE SHAPE SORTERS! everything he gets is a shape sorter. But he's got it down now. He put the hexagon in the shape sorter a gabillion times in one sitting. and I clapped and yelled, "Yaaaay, Winky!" a gabillion times. I thought it would never end. I'm hoping that shape sorting is one of the things they test him on for preschool. If that's the case-we're in like flynn.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Butter Beans

Oh, I almost forgot. W ate butter beans tonight. He wouldn't eat sweet potatoes loaded with butter, he wouldn't eat green beans or healthy chicken nuggets although he did feed me the healthy chicken nuggets but he ate butter beans. A child after my own heart. And have I told you yet that he fed himself with a spoon for the first time. Big stuff! of course it was guacamole.

New Orleans Mom Blogging

I've been out of the loop the past few weeks. Not posting much and getting caught up with other things and I miss it. So my new week resolution is to blog everyday and not only that but to catch up with all my blog surfing. I have listed some blogs that I really enjoy reading on this blog and I haven't even checked them out lately except for Decor8. Now that I have a new house to decorate. Okay, not just decorate, furnish, totally. It actually has been a great resource for me. Before I read it more for paper stuff and really just for fun but now I am on a mission. I haven't even had a chance to see what Pud has been up to. He makes me laugh. and I told my brother about him awhile ago and he called me the other day cracking up-he'd just gotten around to seeing what Pud was all about. You have to see it for yourself.

All I'm saying is... tune in. Don't tune out. I'll be here everyday.

Toddler Birthday Party, Mimo and Papa's and the Saints

W and I went to our friends birthday party on Saturday morning. She is four years old and had a party at Gym Rompers. We were excited to go since we have never been. I have wanted to sign up for months now but the times are never good for us and the Little Buddy's schedule. It was a blast. For those of you who have never been-it's a big padded room full of toys and play equipment. The four year olds were happily out of control. They had free reign over everything and they never had to hear anyone tell them no. After an hour and half W was done so we took off for Mimo and Papa's house for lunch. By 2 o'clock he was spent and slept one off. Today he didn't leave the house. At first I felt bad but I think he enjoyed the time he and his dad spent together watching the Saint's Game. Who Dat!

I went to see a play that my sister-in-law was in called A Christmas Carol for George Wallace. It was at the Big Top on Clio Street. It was put on by a new production company and was really very good. I laughed out loud a lot and I don't do that much when watching anything. It has to be really funny. I don't really like to go see movies or plays but I think after seeing this one I'll lift my play strike. Aunt Jojo played Lurlene, Wallace's wife and it was quite a brilliant performance. She's not the type to get angry (atleast at me) but she had to get angry at George and it truly was convincing. I remember when my brother used to act more. One time he had to get really mad and I wanted to crawl under my seat because it was exactly how he used to get mad at me when we were kids. It was like we were 14 all over again. Anyway, if you feel like seeing a good play and live in NOLA, I recommend the A Christmas Carol for George Wallace. Check it out.

Public Schools doing away with recess

I mean is that ridiculous or what? I read about this in the paper today that schools are doing away with recess. Either that or banning games like tag, getting rid of swing sets all because they are concerned about the risks of lawsuits from accidents. I can't find the link to the article I read but when I googled the topic more came up.

Obviously, the critics are going crazy. Kids today are overweight and not having a chance to get their heartrates up doing the day will only make the problem worse. They won't have a chance to recharge themselves for learning either.

Problem with Blogging

Just wanted to give an update to all of my fans. I haven't been blogging much because there is something wrong and I cannot add links, format or update my template. When I find out the problem, I will fix it ASAP.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Real World Denver

I thought I wrote about this. after watching Real World-of my full desire to be on Real World. I always wanted to be-to whoop it up and drink until dawn and never feel guilty about it. It would have been soooo cool. But then I grew up... and realized that someone is watching those kids: moms, dads, sister, brothers, aunts, uncles. Please stop, I want to tell them. Especially the slutty girls. Have you forgotten that people are watching you? and then I realize that I really wouldn't be that exciting to watch and I never would have made the cut.I'm too blah, too boring and too goody goody. So I'll just have to watch.

Friday, December 01, 2006

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

I didn't think this was really an issue, but obviously it is.

Jen and Lorenzo Borhghese: Bachelor

I believe it, then I don't. They are both so vanilla maybe they are really together. Sadie is by far the classiest, best dressed, most well spoken but probably too sophisticated for Lorenzo-just look at his parents.

The Little Buddy and the spoon

The Little Buddy fed himself today!!! a spoon full of guacamole. I do realize that this may be late in the game but it was totally unexpected. He likes to play with the spoon between bites so I just left him for a second to make my own sandwhich and when I looked back he had it in his mouth. It was upside down and he wasn't sure how to pull it out but he fed himself nonetheless with a spoon! Big day over here.

Too cold to play outside. It's 45 degrees. Really cold for NOLA. We went out for a bit but it was wiiiindy. So we're back in now, feeding ourselves and hanging out. Playing tag and scary peekaboo and laughing our butts off. It's been a good day. Oh! and we have got water again too.