Friday, February 27, 2009

Note to self

Do NOT,under any circumstances, go to the Zoo on the Friday after Mardi Gras. Why? Because you will be standing in line with 2000 school children on field trips. Doesn't matter if you have a membership card or not, you will still be part of the total disorganization.

DO send a email to Audubon Institute asking them to institute a new policy of posting online when 2000 school children are coming to the zoo so that you will never ever have deal with the hell again.

DO NOT bring a potty training child to the zoo if they have not mastered #2.
DO tell your potty training child that they cannot pee at noon in the restaurant. It's when they clean the bathrooms.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Day is Done

WHEEEEEW! It's over, the carnival, and I, for one, couldn't be more bloated and fat and happy. I went to lunch filled with food and a lot of drinking twice last week and yesterday. I have been drinking every day and eating everything under the sun and I have DEFINITELY gained 5 pounds. So, thank you, God, for Lent. I am ready to sacrifice my may vices.

Each and every Lundi Gras we go with Uncle RaRa, Aunt JoJo et al to Commander's for lunch. Commander's couldn't find our reservations or we simply forgot to make them so we had to go to Arnaud's. At first I was a bit miffed about the situation but on Monday morning I was kind of glad to be going into the Quarter. Arnaud's was bright and festive and I was happy to be there. The food wasn't anything to ooh and ahh over, and not just because every third dish was Pompano (did you know that I hate Pompano? It just wasn't up to par but we had a blast. The wine and Champagne was delicious. The company could't have been better and we ended the meal with a strong citrus Cafe Brulot. For those who don't know, Cafe Brulot is a blend of Creole coffee and vermouth or brandy infused with cinammon and orange peel. Delish but very strong. Just a warning. It's not wise to drink it late afernoon. I did not sleep one wink last night. I kid you not. I was sick and hungover from all the drinking but the coffee kept me up ALL FREAKING NIGHT.

Anyway, Happy Mardi Gras! The boys had a fab time but I'll say it again. I'm glad it's over. All W's loot is going in the trash (sshhhhh! He doesn't need to know) It stinks and I don't need any remnants of last weeks debauchery hanging around. The boys had a ball and I although I am grateful for myself that it's over, but at the end of the day I am sad for them that the joy they experienced the past few days is done.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am in full Mardi Gras mode. Mardi Gras Madrases, King Cake, pigs in blankets, more MGMs, Le Popeye dip and more. The boys are having a ball and are gearing up for more today. Talk to y'all again on Ash Wednesday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rouse's King Cake

I am not a sweets person. I would rather eat a pizza or a good ole block of stinky cheese over dessert any day. I haven't had any king cake all season until today. I went to Rouse's, the first of many stops on my Mardi Gras stock up, and I bought one of their king cakes. By the time I got it home my mouth was watering. I popped it open before unloading the rest of my weekend loot and OMG! it was warm. Had they just taken it from the oven? and what followed was a large piece of the most decadent king cake I have ever tasted. Now, I know there are some purists out there-those who love love love the old McKenzie king cakes with just sugar, no icing. and I like remember it fondly but only for ole times sake. This king cake had layer upon layer of gooey cinnamon dough and topped with an icing like no other. It wasn't like all the other icing king cakes. I am not sure why but it was heavenly. So, if you haven't had a Rouse's king cake-hurry your little parade going butt over there and get a taste of heaven.

(2 different people have told me not only how magnificently beautiful Sucre's king cake is but also how delicious).

I've been bribing the LB to take naps lately. I usually tell him we can do "something fun" if he takes a good nigh nigh nap. That usually entails going to the park or if I am really lazy, playing with sidewalk chalk-wahoooo!-but today I told him he could have a piece of king cake.

"Pancake!" He said with glee. 'Okay!"

So he took a good nigh nigh nap and right before dozing off to sleep he screamed, "I have to take a good nigh nigh nap so I can have some pancake!"
He woke up saying the same thing in the past tense. He ate that king cake slowly and methodically. It was his supper but after all it is Mardi Gras for goodness sake.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear W,

Dear W,
I don't even know where to start. How to tell you that you are the best Little Buddy around except to just say it. You are the best Little Buddy around. Today you were a brave LB and I'll tell you why. I heard the fear in your voice. We talked about going to your swim lessons this morning and you were scared.

"No, I don't want to go swimming."

I heard it and I knew, but as your mom it's my job to know when to push you. I don't always know but I try and I feel strongly about swimming so I pushed it. Well, really I bribed you. McDonald's french fries if you were a big boy at swimming. The currency wasn't obviously buying the fear away from you.

"I don't want McDonald's french fries."

Either the currency wasn't big enough or the fear was too big. Turns out the currency wasn't big enough.

"Okay. 2 chocolate treats", I said.
"I will give you not 1 but 2 chocolate treats if you stand on the platform and act like a big boy in the pool."

"I can do that", you said.

and you did and I was so proud. SO PROUD! because I saw your fear. I saw the fear in your eyes as you stood there afraid in the pool but acting like a big boy. and the day just got better. until the day was almost ended. and everyone was tired and hungry and tired of the potty training and more than anything, tired of acting like a big boy. I know. I know you can't do it all the time. This big boy thing. It's hard. Kind of like this Mommy thing. It's hard and sometimes I forget that the big boy thing is just as hard, if not harder, than this Mommy thing. I am sorry. I am sorry that I yelled. I am sorry that I made you sad and I am sorry that the day ended that way. I love you so much that you take my breath away. I am sorry.

So my promise to you is this. I will remember this day and I will remember my Little Buddy trying so hard. I will, more than anything, remember how I yelled. and I will know that you owe me one. So those times when you yell at me years down the road like I know you will, I will know that you deserve to do it because you owe me one. You owe me one, Little Buddy.

Love bunches,

The Bachelor ditches either Jillian, Molly and Melissa

I AM DYING to know WHY they are having to "protect the parties involved" during the Women Tell All Show next week on The Bachelor. They sure did a bang up job of reeling me in. I am thinking about it at least once and hour-not kidding.

This all on top of the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER! This time they weren't lyin'!
I could not believe that he ditched Jillian. and I think she was pretty darn shocked too, but I think any of them would have been shocked after they all got down with Jason in their respective Fantasy Sweets. I ask it every season and I'll ask it again...What are their dads thinking?

I think it's a toss up between Melissa and Molly. I like them both but kind of want it to be Melissa. I think Molly is a bit too reserved and sophisticated for him. I see Melissa gelling better with Master Ty. But you never know do you?

Oh- and Deanna has put on some poundage. Honey, you know you are going back on the air in front of millions of tv viewers-get yourself together. I think Uncle RaRa is right, though. I don't think she is going on the show to try and get him back. She's just going to give him some advice since she's been in his shoes before.

If I have any more observations that I failed to mention, I'll keep you posted.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My dogs are barkin'

So, I've been running right? Damn proud of the progress I've made and I actually look forward to going now. When I run alone I usually run 3 and a half miles. 2 months ago I could barely make it around the park at 1.8 miles. Anyway, the past two runs I have taken have been kind of hard. It's not that I am out of breath or that my legs want to give out or even that I have a cramp. It's my feet. They hurt to the bone. I don't think it can be my running shoes because they are not even a year old. Well, maybe? are they that old. I don't know but if anyone might be able to diagnose my condition I would be most grateful. It's a general hurting around the bones of my feet-not really on the bottom-so I have ruled out that plantar fascitis-and I think you have to be a real runner to get that that rules that out-twice.

Baby's First Haircut

Pman got his first haricut on Saturday. He didn't like it so much but people were starting to asking "my little girls' name".

The pictures really say it all.

Aaahhhh! Much better.

By God It's Cawnival Tiiiime!

I am finally in the Mardi Gras spirit. It took me until yesterday. Between me and you I was hoping the parade would get rained out but it didn't so we went to our first parade of the season. and it was awesome! We had a great place to watch it and we couldn't have asked for a more kid friendly parade. I think it was Carrollton? right? Anyway, W and Pman had a ball and are already looking forward to more.

So now I am ready. I am in the Mardi Gras dance spirit. You just wait, RaRa! This year they are going to be good I feel it. A Mardi Gras dance is very spontaneous. If they it is pre-choreographed, it kind of loses the point and the spirit of Mardi Gras. But every morning over Mardi Gras we start the morning out with a Mardi Gras Madras and a Mardi Gras Dance. It has long been Uncle RaRa's and my tradition and it will certainly be passed on to W and Pman.

The boys are at the perfect age. Pman has dropped his morning nap and he can sometimes hang way past even W. So we will be up and at 'em in the morning and we can all head back home full of beads and fun for our afternoon nap. I can't think of a more perfect way to do it-dancin' in the mornin'/nappin' in the afternoon. Could be a great song.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Chef 5

Thank freakin' goodness! Leah FINALLY got kicked off. I thought the day would never come and I would have to watch her with her god awful hair keep cookin' her lazy ass dishes all the while wondering when the judges were going to pull one of her hairs out of their mouths. You know it happened.

Love love love Carla. Total underdog. and Fabio-he did look hot, C, when he won that challenge. I was freaking out thinking that Stefan was going to go home. and I would have been bummed. He deserves to win, I have to say it.

So down to NOLA they are headed. I can't wait to see what they do down here in our parts. Does anyone know when this was filmed. I was totally unaware that this all went down here. I would have loved to have been a party to the frenzy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Wine Down

I do not have a specific wine to share. Just drink what you want and drink a lot of it and do not feel an ounce of guilt. It's Wednesday night!
The teachers have told me that W doesn't like to play on the play structure or ride the tricycles and they presented it in a way that led me to believe that they were concerned. So I have spent the past few days in my head trying to defend my baby. I hate to be the defensive mom because I truly appreciate when and if they tell me W is having trouble with something but honestly, it made me feel like something was wrong with my kid. and that's a horrible feeling to have. They were almost relieved to hear that we went to the park a lot and that he slides down the slide and runs and climbs and jumps. Whatever. W is a shy kid, he's not going to be your next Joe Namath (he may be your next Tiger Woods). He has flat feet, steers away from a large chaotic crowd and is generally a focused quiet person. But he LOVES the slide and love to run and play and I kept telling them this. A fellow mother asked if I had told the teachers that I didn't like to spend the night out as a kids. I thought about it but I felt like I was going overboard trying to defend him so I stopped at "I am a shy person."
I got myself worked up into a tizzy last night worrying about it. J was out of town and I kept worrying-is something wrong with him? have I done him an injustice in chalking him up to a reticent kids? in between thoughts, I cried. Will he get into a pre-school? and then I remembered.....In 3rd grade, during both recesses, I pulled up a chair every day next to my 3rd grade teacher and sat next to her all break. I didn't play although at times she encouraged me but I wouldn't budge. I didn't want to play on the playground. I guess it made me feel safe. So there you have it! He is a mini-me!I called my parents to ask them if they were worried about me. They didn't even know that happened.

After this revelation I feel 100% better and am able to go on about my life---of course, waiting for the next thing. Because it's always somethin', ain't it?

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Bachelor's Hometown Dates

DON'T FORGET! I cannot wait! I am so excited and may even do a little meditation before I watch. I want to be relaxed and ready for what's ahead.

The three p's

I feel like all I say these days is please poo poo on the potty, W. Quite an alliteration but it is finally taking it's toll. I won't dare write about the mishap the Little Buddy had today at school. Not only would J kill me but it's bad enough that even I feel guilty writing about it. I have written many posts that will completely embarrass the boys if and when they read this blog in their teens but today's story might just put them over the edge.

Point being is that we may have to go back to Pull Ups at school. He is showing no interest in poo pooing on the potty and certainly doesn't seem to mind when he goes in his underwear. I am finding it awfully disgusting cleaning up after these accidents. I've tried to find his currency. MacDonalds' french fries, toys, chocolates, M&M's-nothing is doing the trick. He stays dry dry dry all day long but with #2 there is an underlying issue. There has got to be.

I know they say don't go back to Pull Ups and they also say never start using the Pullups because they know they can go to the bathroom in them and still have a little protection but Pullup or underwear, W doesn't care. He's going #2 in them no matter. So if anyone once again wants to share some insight to this little problem I would be most appreciative because the 3 P's are just not doing the trick.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Personality differences

Pman is a pistol. I think we should call him Pistol P. Now that he is fully walking I can't keep up. He's all over the place. We went to the park after school and he could not get away from me fast enough-breathing hard and running like if he ran fast enough if could reach the motherland.

It's so funny and of course, really interesting how their personalities are so different. W wouldn't leave our side when he was a baby. Well, he still doesn't. I remember going to Superior Grill with friends when he was a baby and he just wandered around the table completely satisfied. Our friends were floored that he didn't take off, as their little boy ran in the kitchen to see what was cookin' (remember this S?). So it's all just personality.

Pman is booking it up the stairs where we had to teach W HOW to go up the stairs. Same thing with a straw. I put a straw in Pman's mouth a few months back and he just started drinking. W didn't drink from a straw until he was 2! He is my sweet and steady child. He is certainly not fearless, whereas Pman cracks us at himself if he falls off a chair and bonks his head.

I just can't wait to see how their individual personalities will grow. How much will they be alike and in what ways will they be different?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Long Lost Wednesday Wine Downs

It's been forever since I did a Wednesday Wine Down. I could probably change it to Whine Down because where before it was a way for me to relax while W played, now it's a way for me to tune out all of the whining that goes on around here after 5.

So...I am going to continue this tradition at least until Lent at which point I will cut back on my Wining and hopefully the boys will cut back on their whining. I am loving the puns!

Anyway, due to my rosacea I have switched over to white wine. Not completely but during the week I have. and when you drink as much wine as I do you kind of need to keep it within a budget. The past few nights I have been drinking Little Penguin. My brother winces when I drink it but I do love the LP. I have never had the white before but I must say that I am pleased. If you are not a chardonnay drinker than you obviously won't like the Chardonnay but you won't like the Pinot Grigio either. It takes just like the Chardonnay. But if you are in the mood for a buttery wine pick up a bottle of the LP and try it on for size. If you are a wine snob you won't like it but if you want a cheap good ole drinkin' wine it will do the trick. It works for me just fine.

So cheers to the wining and the whining!

Babies and Rhythm

According to a study babies have an adult like understanding of rhythm. I totally believe it and if you could see Pman dance you would too. He has danced on his own since he was a baby and with a rhythm that you wouldn't believe. Now, we do an awful lot of dances around here. Always have, when we bought this house we did a "New House Dance". Every time I run a little bit farther than the last time, when I get home we do a "3 and a half mile dance" or whatever the mileage, you get the picture. I need to start using the video camera more just so I can have proof that my babies do have rhythm. Up until now I wasn't so sure where they got it from, because J certainly doesn't have it. Now I know, they are born with it. I just think you either keep it or lose it into adulthood. and I will say it again, J lost his. Ha! (He has a host of other skills that I love him for).

They say you can hone your baby's rhythmic ability by reading rhyming books or clapping along to music. So get crackin'.

Monday, February 02, 2009

W finally got it. The sickness that has seemed to take over most of the city. I thought he had escaped it. and then....the runny nose came...and we've moved on from there. I thought I would be pulling my hair out by now but he's a good sicky man. He just sat around today and watched tv, cut up a piece of paper into a gazillion frickin' pieces all over the den, and hasn't sat on Pman...yet. He wasn't up for the grocery store. You know W is sick when.... so we will be having delicious Pasta Bolgese leftovers that J cooked up for the Super Bowl. You know, the dish that he cooked in my beloved Dutch Oven and ruined. Technically, it's his oven because I gave it to him for Christmas or his birthday one year. So he can do with it what he wants. The final product was superb so I am not really mad and we have gotten a lot of use out of it. Really, it's a funny story.

I was on my way out with friends and as I was waiting for the horn J was beginning to prep. I saw him cutting an onion (in a way in which I wouldn't cut an onion and we all know I have incredible knife skills) so I asked him if I could help.
"When are you leaving?"
The next thing I knew he was washing a sippy cup. I got the message loud and clear. He didn't want my help so FINE! I will wait outside. Which I did.

When I got home the front door was open. I thought he had seen the car pullup and had graciously opened it for me. but the iron gate was locked. Wierd. Then I saw W standing there and saw the back door open.

"Daddy burned the food." He was smiling. Karma's a bitch ain't it?

Anyway, he had a small mishap but it didn't compromise the dish. He did a great job and we ate well for the big game. So we gained a good meal, lost a good pot. Only one casualty. Not bad.