Saturday, December 29, 2007

The LB is still in the Christmas spirit. Ever since his school Christmas party we recognize that he has been singing Jingle Bells, a lot. It's mainly the "Dashing through the snow" part that he loves so much and it makes me jolly to hear him singing it at random times throughout the day.

I can't wait until all the holidays are over. I'm ready to start my new resolutions. One being that I plan to blog everyday. I sure do miss it. and I miss my blogging buddies. But I will be back, never fear!

Monday, December 17, 2007

So we went to a Christmas party Saturday night. We had a blast and Master P slept until 8am Sunday morning. We started off having a really early dinner at Lilette before we went to the party so I wouldn't eat a ton of meatballs (they had them the year before and if you don't like mini meatballs, you haven't tried the ones catered by Martin's). Anyway, I was feeling pretty sassy and skinny in my new skinny pants. It was one of those parties where you see so many people that you haven't caught up with in years. So you're excited and at the same time hoping you've aged pretty well. And also hoping that you don't look like you just had a baby 9 weeks ago. All of my hopes were realized-or so I thought until a guy walked up and out of the blue said something like, "oh, you're not drinking, right?" It was a wierd comment anyway, because it was the first thing he said and it wasn't relevant and didn't make ANY sense. But I responded by saying that yeah, I was. and that's when it hit me. He thought I was still pregnant. OUCH. But you know what? I think I look pretty darn good after just having a baby 2 months ago. I know I am a bit flabby but if you didn't know me you wouldn't think I were pregnant. Maybe it's the new style of shirts, a-line and flowy. Yeah, that was probably it.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

is to be able to whoop it up on a Saturday night and have BP sleep until 7. I have always cringed when people ask me if my baby sleeps through the night. even with W. Because never fails, when I say yes, that same night he never would. So I stopped responding to the question. Now with BP when people ask, I don't respond either but it seems that just the simple question jinxes me. EVERY Saturday night that we go out, BP wakes up at 4am. Like clockwork. What's the deal?

It's a bit early to be thinking about this, but one of my New Year's Resolution is to not ask new mom's if their baby is sleeping through the night. They will all be thankful if you add it to your list.

Well maybe I should just change my wish for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is for no one to ask me if BP is sleeping through the night.

Monday, December 03, 2007

You better watch out, I'm going to pout

I'm feeling the stress of the holidays more than usual this year. It's like it all of sudden is bearing down on me. Usually I don't let it bother me so much. I love Christmas and always do everything last minute but this year I don't have the time to do anything in the 3 day crunch time before Christmas much less with 25 days left. It's hard to get around with 2 kids. and it makes me anxious trying to figure out how to host playdates, get to all the Christmas birthday parties, 2 visiting Santa parties, ordering Christmas cards, in addition to buying clothes for cocktail parties (because if I do have anything I can't fit into them or they are sooooo out of style), and let's not forget I still have to buy presents for people, teachers, family, friends, and babysitters. and I have to do it all in between nursing BP every 3 hours. So forget excercising. My pledge to be really skinny will have to wait.

I hate to be a Scrooge but I just want to hole up until it's all over with.

Oh, and my beautiful Christmas tree that we had delivered yesterday (yes, we had it delivered and it was well worth it) will probably never get decorated.