Sunday, July 24, 2011


Happy Anniversary, J-B.

No seven year itch on my end!

I love you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

W was gone! I freaked out. I went to check on them before I went to bed and W wasn't in his bed. I looked in his bathroom, our bathroom, my closet and everywhere else that he could possibly be. I tore downstairs in a frenzy to tell J that he was missing. In the back of my mind I knew he had to be there but still, I was wild-eyed and scared, really. We both went back up. I went to his room. I'm not quite sure where J went but W was there. Curled in a ball in his old rocking chair sleeping.

The boy is a sleep walker. It runs in the family. I vaguely remember Uncle RaRa doing this too.

J thinks I am crazy but 2 nights ago I heard something. I was awake but I wasn't. You know how that goes. and then I got up to go to the bathroom and the light was on. I am a bit OCD. I would NEVER leave the light on. I woke J up to ask him if he left the light on. He said no and went back to sleep with no lingering concern. Then I started thinking if it were a ghost. It's possible. Don't tell me it's not.

But last night it all came into focus. The boy is a sleep walker. It runs in the family. I vaguely remember Uncle RaRa doing this too.

So I have been researching it. I found this on

"Approximately 15% of chiildren between 4-12 years of age will experience sleepwalking. (I knew it!) Generally sleepwalking behaviors are resolved by late adolescence; however, approximately 10% of all sleepwalkers begin their behaviors as teens. A genetic tendency has been noted." (so he gets it from Uncle RaRa)

I've also read elsewhere that sleepwalkers can do anything from just sitting up in bed to having sex!!!! Great. Something else to worry about during the teen years.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I fry it up in a pan!

J travelled all last week for work. By Thursday when a friend asked how I was holding up, my response was "I'm about to crack."

He was supposed to be home Friday, at 5 o'clock. The boys and I shopped for the most scrumptious welcome home meal and by 4 I was prepping. And then, I got the text. I had said when he left that he would't make it home when he was supposed to. Murphy's Law. Weather and maintenance problems made him 3 hours late By that point "TV causes obesity" and "is bad for kids" meant nothing to me. They were logging 4+ hours of overexposure and I didn't care because I was glassy eyed and like I said, about to crack.

But it all turned out well. He got home around 9:00. and supper was deeeelicious.

When planning my menu, I tried to think about him, what he would like to eat. Because, ladies, you know how it goes. All Christmas presents and meals made for your man are centered around what you would really like-consciously or subsconsiouly. I am ready to admit even if you aren't. I chose T-Bone Florentine from Giada's Everyday Italian. Even though I have always watched her make that recipe with drool dripping from the corner of my mouth, it was meat. and I knew he would like it...with potatoes, of course. I found the most disgustingly decadent recipe at Epicurious for croasted Yukon potatoes with Bacon and Cheese. They don't mention Bacon fat in the title but it is prevalent. and I know he is a sucker for a wedge of lettuce with blue cheese dressing. as long as it's not Paul Newman's. That's a topic for another day.