Sunday, July 24, 2011


Happy Anniversary, J-B.

No seven year itch on my end!

I love you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

W was gone! I freaked out. I went to check on them before I went to bed and W wasn't in his bed. I looked in his bathroom, our bathroom, my closet and everywhere else that he could possibly be. I tore downstairs in a frenzy to tell J that he was missing. In the back of my mind I knew he had to be there but still, I was wild-eyed and scared, really. We both went back up. I went to his room. I'm not quite sure where J went but W was there. Curled in a ball in his old rocking chair sleeping.

The boy is a sleep walker. It runs in the family. I vaguely remember Uncle RaRa doing this too.

J thinks I am crazy but 2 nights ago I heard something. I was awake but I wasn't. You know how that goes. and then I got up to go to the bathroom and the light was on. I am a bit OCD. I would NEVER leave the light on. I woke J up to ask him if he left the light on. He said no and went back to sleep with no lingering concern. Then I started thinking if it were a ghost. It's possible. Don't tell me it's not.

But last night it all came into focus. The boy is a sleep walker. It runs in the family. I vaguely remember Uncle RaRa doing this too.

So I have been researching it. I found this on

"Approximately 15% of chiildren between 4-12 years of age will experience sleepwalking. (I knew it!) Generally sleepwalking behaviors are resolved by late adolescence; however, approximately 10% of all sleepwalkers begin their behaviors as teens. A genetic tendency has been noted." (so he gets it from Uncle RaRa)

I've also read elsewhere that sleepwalkers can do anything from just sitting up in bed to having sex!!!! Great. Something else to worry about during the teen years.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I fry it up in a pan!

J travelled all last week for work. By Thursday when a friend asked how I was holding up, my response was "I'm about to crack."

He was supposed to be home Friday, at 5 o'clock. The boys and I shopped for the most scrumptious welcome home meal and by 4 I was prepping. And then, I got the text. I had said when he left that he would't make it home when he was supposed to. Murphy's Law. Weather and maintenance problems made him 3 hours late By that point "TV causes obesity" and "is bad for kids" meant nothing to me. They were logging 4+ hours of overexposure and I didn't care because I was glassy eyed and like I said, about to crack.

But it all turned out well. He got home around 9:00. and supper was deeeelicious.

When planning my menu, I tried to think about him, what he would like to eat. Because, ladies, you know how it goes. All Christmas presents and meals made for your man are centered around what you would really like-consciously or subsconsiouly. I am ready to admit even if you aren't. I chose T-Bone Florentine from Giada's Everyday Italian. Even though I have always watched her make that recipe with drool dripping from the corner of my mouth, it was meat. and I knew he would like it...with potatoes, of course. I found the most disgustingly decadent recipe at Epicurious for croasted Yukon potatoes with Bacon and Cheese. They don't mention Bacon fat in the title but it is prevalent. and I know he is a sucker for a wedge of lettuce with blue cheese dressing. as long as it's not Paul Newman's. That's a topic for another day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Baby

I took the boys to the dentist last week. She told me that I needed to stop giving Pman his bottle. He's 3. She said, "I know he's your baby but......." I never considered that I was not letting go of "my baby", until I heard those words.

When W was 2 I sent him to "school" for the first time. Half a day, 3 days a week. I cried in the classroom, sobbed outside of the school gate and hyperventilated all the way home. I felt guilty for the whole year. Alternately, before Master P was even 2 I kicked him out of the house to go to "school" with a smile on my face. I love you, P. I have been thinking about her words a lot and have come to the conclusion that maybe I am holding on to my sweet and adorable baby and subconsciously wishing he would stay that way. I mean, we still give him a bottle. We still let him have his pacifiers in bed, and his "white bed" is a crib.

(When I say "we", I mean '"me. J would have taken away all of that a year ago despite the major meltdowns we would have to endure forever).

He's really not a baby. Out of the blue at dinner tonight he looked across the table at me, smiled, batted his eyelashes and said, "I love you, Mommy."
"I love you too", my heart melted.
"I want to sleep with you tonight!"
"No", without hesitation. We don't do that in this house, never have.

But is that manipulation at its best, or what? He didn't seem like a baby then.

and then on the way to take a shower he asked me if he could "take off my underwear."

If you are speechless so was I!!!!! I didn't say no. I said HELL, NO! And what baby would ask that kind of question? I mean, really. (before you go thinking my child is a perv let me explain that he is really into dressing and undressing himself these days. I think he figured since he has it down pat, he would help me.)

So, obviously I am starting to rethink the bottle and the pacifier and the crib and even more obviously, undressing in front of him because he isn't a baby anymore. But he will always be my baby, right?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mardi Gras and the big 4-0

The whole city of New Orleans celebrated my 40th birthday this year. and they seemed to be having a fabulous time. For presents I received a whole lot of beads (but had to scream "Throw me somethin' mista!" to get them and I got to see a lot of live music (on the parade route), I have to admit I was a bit bummed when I found out my big 4-0 was during Mardi Gras. Kind of put a crimp in the way I wanted to celebrate but it turned out to be very memorable. J and I spent the actual day downtown whooping it up. (You don't want to see pictures. Not pretty. Or maybe you do but I don't want you to see them). The night before we celebrated with the boys. I will show you those photos. Botox here I come!

When the weekend arrived we started full force going to parades. The boys were both VERY into it this year which made for a fun Mardi Gras. J and I went to one parade without them to celebrate another friends birthday. and while we had a blast it felt like something was missing not having Pman screaming "Throw me somethin', Mista! into this hat!" (he got a fireman's hat from a parade). We went to EVERY parade and drank more Mardi Gras Madrases than you could shake a stick at. All of the parades were great. The floats were beautiful. The bands were at their peak. There is one parade that rolled Monday night that was pretty awful. They were stingy with their throws (unless they recognized someone in the crowd) and I just didn't care for it this year but all and all we were all satisfied.

By the time Mardi Gras day rolled around I was kind of done but I put on my tennies, poured up one last Mardi Gras Madras and took to the streets. When it was all over we had our annual feast of Popeye's fried chicken and topped the night off with a Classic Combo from Reginelli's. We watched "The Pageantry" of the Carnival Balls with a glass of wine in hand that took everything out of me to gag down. But hell, it was Mardi Gras day and the debauchery would soon be over. and thank goodness it is! and their faces could not have said it any better than that.

A shout out to our friends R, J and J for giving W the clown idea. That's what he chose as we were painting faces in the morning.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Everyday Sunday Margaritas

A few years ago a friend shared her Margarita recipe with me. I am super finicky about my Margaritas. I am a true lover of the Mexican concoction but I don't just enjoy every one that hits my lips. I hate mixes and until she shared her recipe I always preferred just fresh squeezed lime to any other mix. So I took her secret and I improved upon it. and Voila! (don't know the spanish word for Voila!) that is how I got my secret easy Margarita recipe. Uncle RaRa calls often for this recipe and a friend also called on Super Bowl Sunday for it and she was actually the one who suggested that I put it here.

1 small can of Minute Maid Limeade
2 cups of Tequila
1/4 cup Grand Marnier
3 limes, juiced (sometimes 2 depending on how tart you like yours)
1 orange, juiced

Prepare Limeade according to directions.
Add all other ingredients.
Mix and serve over ice
Garnish with a lime wedge.

The limeade is key. I keep a supply in the freezer so I can make a batch at a moments notice. So next time you swing by can have a Margarita in seconds. Voila!

OH! and the best part is they freeze really well. so if you just feel like one or two you can shove the rest in the freezer for another day.

An early Valentines'

My Valentines day from both J and the boys came early this year.
J surprised me with drinks at La Petite and dinner at Lilette, followed by more drinks at the bar next door. Can't remember the name but needless to say, on Sunday I had a Valentines hangover. William's big Valentines gift to me was one that he didn't even know he was giving. The gift of healthy eating. Say it again? Yes, the gift of healthy eating from a boy who only eats CRAP. He decided yesterday to not have french fries with his chicken fingers and instead have fresh fruit. I did a secret Valentines Day dance in my head. and THEN when we went to Superior Grill he said that he was going to eat his whole quesadilla first before eating his french fries. The boy was good to his word. I am not sure where this change has come from but we are rolling with it.

So I think I will declare this the most productive and best Valentine's Day I have ever had....since I had kids.

Monday, January 31, 2011

100 Day Party

Today is W's 100th day of Pre-K! hence the reason for the 100 day party. It's been quite the buildup. He asks almost every day when the 100th day of school is going to be...and he has been doing it from the beginning of the year. So when he told me they were allowed to bring treats to the party I went into full super mom mode. We spent the weekend blowing up 100 balloons. Btw I think I have developed a latex allergy from blowing them all up. The boys were a HUGE help. As soon as I finished blowing up one, they would hand me another. Couldn't have done it without them. A little shout out to J for blowing up 15 for me without me knowing. So when I thought I had 20 more to go, I only had 5!!!! We spent Sunday afternoon baking the cake. It was a process. I looked on the internet for some handy tips on icing cutouts. I had to freeze each section for 30 minutes, ice it with the "crumb layer", refreeze it for another 30 minutes before my final icing. worked like a charm. Might just be going into the party cake business. I got 15 dollars worth of M&M's in his school colors. Had NO IDEA they would cost that much but by this point I was in too deep. W decorated the final iced "100" with 100 chocolate treats that he counted out. He was very proud as you can see. So if you have any questions about creating a fabulous 100 day cake for your child or need advice on blowing up 100 balloons.....I say, don't do it. Just kidding. It turned out to be a fun project.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am struggling with several things as a mom lately. I think each issue deserves its own post so I will start with the less disturbing of the two. I am still not sure it is something I should publicize because I don't want to take anything away from W. He is kind and sweet and imaginative and I have to say, quite creative. He composes his own songs. They are funny and loud and rhythmic. Our drive to school in the morning has become a time for singing and scatting and we have a ball. But there is one thing that is grating on my nerves. and that is Monkey. For those of you who do not know Monkey, he is W's best friend. Papa gave him to W as a baby. Monkey is attached to W's hip inside the house. and just recently he has been going to school for nap time. He is dirty and disgusting. But W loves him and well, he loves W. I love Monkey too. I have Snoopy and I believe that all children should have a "Monkey" or "Snoopy". So what is my issue you ask?
Monkey now talks.
and Talking Monkey drives me NUTS! Of course W talks for him but he uses "Monkey's voice" and let me say it again. It drives me NUTS! He wants to play with us and eat with us and read with us. and Monkey talks A LOT! Do you get it? I can barely look at them when Monkey is talking because it grates on my nerves so badly. The only saving grace is that sometimes what Monkey says and does gives me insight into what is going on with W. But I am hoping this is a very very short phase because it's becoming increasingly difficult to respond to Monkey.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Has it been that long!? I've had several inquiries about my status as a blogger in the new year. I wasn't one for the past few months but am feeling a comeback. Slowly but surely.

I have found time management very difficult in the past few months. Trying to juggle working out, my new tennis hobby, running errands and the boys and their after school activities has proved very draining for me. But we have passed many milestones and the boys are BIG! See for yourself.

This was at my niece and goddaughter, Baby J's christening a week ago. Oh and you have yet to meet Baby J, am I right?

She's a beut, ain't she? (Supposedly Uncle RaRa thinks that she is the only pretty baby ever born. I beg to differ because I know mine were pretty but I won't go there. I'll let him have his day). It's nice to have a beautiful baby girl in the family. The dress and bonnet or whatever you call it is a 'family heirloom'. Mimi bought it in Brussels back in ohhhhhh, 1990, before either Uncle RaRa or I were married or even engaged. She jumped the gun a bit, wouldn't you say? Mimi was desperate for grandchildren.

So we now have 3 grandchildren on my side of the family with the addition of Baby J. It's been fun but oh! how I don't miss those early months of mommydom. We are in a good spot, kind of....

So keep a look out for our daily antics. I have a lot to share...tantrums, attitudes, karate, play dates, potty training, oh yeah! hasn't been a dull moment. Or dry one for that matter.