Monday, August 31, 2009

Swine flu

Okay. I don't know if W had the swine flu or not. We had plans to go to the dr. this morning to get tested. I was bringing both of them since Pman has the same symptoms W had. Of course, W woke up with a spring in his step saying he felt " a wotta wotta better" and when we got to the doctor he hadn't had a fever in 48 hours and he looked like the picture of health. She saw no need to test him.

I was kind of hoping it was the Swine flu because he was almost through the sickness and didn't seem totally miserable. That way we would be less likely to catch it again. Now that it is most likely he didn't have the Swine flu I now have to start worrying from square one all over again.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is it the Swine Flu?

This is going to be a quick post since we have other things to deal with around here but I thought some info that I just found out would be helpful. W is sick and we thought is was just a bad cold on Friday but yesterday afternoon he had a fever and all of the other symptoms of the swine flu. We won't know until tomorrow if that is what he has but someone was asking me what the incubation period was. I didn't know but found an article in the Washington Post that said it is the same as the regular flu, about 1-3 days. For more information see the whole article.

If W does indeed have the virus, it is a relatively mild case. He feels pretty pooky and sounds just awful. His throat hurts and you can see the sick in his eyes, if you know what I mean. He is still playing and singing and bugging Pman. Of course, he is very sensitive and cries a lot but he is not totally lethargic and non-responsive.

Anyway, I will update again after our doctor's visit tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Picking squash and edamame

Oh my gosh! This is more for my mom than anything. Well, and for J who has to endure countless meals with squash as an accompaniment any time we are in North Carolina visiting my parents. My mom came from a southern small town so she's truly a small town girl at heart. You know, they love fresh veggies, greens, black eyed peas, okra, squash etc. She has a special fondness for squash. J hates it. and we have it with every meal. and I mean every meal. I have inherited my mom's love of homecooked veggies. If I had to pick a favorite, it would not be squash but I do love a mean squash casserole - one like my mom makes - with ham and breadcrumbs and cheese. Oh my!


my inspiration came for this post from Chocolate and Zucchini and her post about Patty Squash. What is Patty squash, you ask? Unbeknownst to me, we picked Patty squash this summer in North Carolina. I have a photo, see?

By the time we left my dad was way over the squash and was ready to throw the rest away but I am thinking perhaps they will be ready for another squash dinner by now. and Chocolate and Zucchini has a most mouth watering recipe.

By the way, we also picked fresh edamame. and they were oh so sweet and delicious and so fun to pick. It was easy for little hands and supposedly they grow prolifically so you get a ton off of one plant. Which makes me wonder if I can grow them myself. I did a bit of research, well I skimmed one or two blogs on the subject and found that they are easy to plant in containers so I might give it a go. Here are the boys picking our evening hors d'oeuvres.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First days of school

The Little Buddy's first day of school was Friday. I was excited and worried. Turns out he had a great day and after hearing that and seeing how happy he was when I picked him up, you would of thought that it was me who had a great day. Before I had kids I never would have believed that something good happening to my babies would make me feel so manic. It's a crazy feeling.

Pman screamed and cried when W went off on Friday morning. "Schooooooool!" and all I could think was, "Dude, your day is coming." I asked W if he thought P was going to have fun.

"No. He's going to cry."

Well, that day is here and drop off for Pman has come and gone. He was a champ. I was a bit worried as we were walking out the door. He totally got what was happening-the school bag, all of us leaving together....he's no dummy.

So J, W and I all piled into Pman's little classroom to tell him goodbye and that was that. He didn't cry and well, dare I say it....Neither did I!!!! (He had is eye on a phone another baby was carrying. If I have to guess there is going to be a slap upside the head to that poor child for the phone by the end of the day) I feel a bit guilty about my lack of tears since I was truly hyperventilating when I dropped W off for his first day 2 years ago. But frankly, I might as well have kicked them out the door. It's good for all of us to have a little time to ourselves. Wahoooo!

What will I do, you ask? Well, today I ran around the park twice, got my coffee, stamped and mailed some invitations, ate an after-exercise and now here I sit


I have an hour to take a shower and clean up before I have to go get the boys. and what a beautiful hour it will be.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Britney Spears and W

J and I were reading the newspaper at breakfast this morning as usual. I had skimmed through all of the less important sections and was getting down to business with Living. W was sitting across from me waiting for me to finish and was kind of reading over my shoulder. He spotted the above photo. This is how our conversation went:

W: Look at that lady.
Me: I see.
W: Who is she?
Me: That's Britney Spears
W: She looks like a nice girl.

I don't know what else to say.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear W,

The day is done and now you are four. I cannot believe it and I am not sure you can either. It truly was a one of the best birthdays ever because you enjoyed it more than we imagined.

I forgot to take a picture of your cake before we ate it but here half of it is.

you had a grand time at your party even though the pool part got rained out
and tonight you had an even more fabulous time when Papa came to town unexpectedly.

You have certainly gotten the hang of blowing out candles.

You are my baby and I love you more than anything. Thank you for being you and for putting up with me.

This blog is obviously in honor of you, my baby
W 2005 at 1 year old.

and W 2009 at 4 years old.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Streetcar ride

If you are a fan you already know that I have been really tired. Call me a pansy but taking care of two boys makes my 5'2" frame physically exhausted at times. I try to do something fun every morning with them but these past few days with my extreme exhaustion makes it seem daunting. So this morning I forced myself to get going after several pleas from W that we get dressed as I lie in bed. We hopped the streetcar to the coffee house. Three minutes into the ride I knew it was worth it.

That face says it all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trip to Napa

Oh my. What is the deal? I am so tired and ornery. Can it still be from my trip. I traveled to and from 3 different time zones. That's the only thing I can think of. I haven't been drinking and I am once again on a new health kick, for the gazillionth time. So what gives?

I feel badly for the little buddies because I have no patience and everything is getting on my last nerve. Like the fracking flute that W has rediscovered. But not only is he playing the heck out of it, he's also taught Master P how to master the flute. It was really cute, the flute lesson. I have to say it will probably be one of my greatest memories of the two of them together. But it's driving me bananas. At least it's not drums, right?

The trip to Napa was great. I had a good friend, a New Orleans turned San Francisco girl give me great advice on wineries and restaurants and we stayed at The Meadowood, where she actually got married (must have been atleast 7 years ago). And it was fabulously decadent. I know that there are a new bunch of luxurious hotels that have cropped up in wine country the past few years like Auberge du Soleil and Calistoga Ranch but I don't regret one minute staying where we did. The service is impeccable and the attention to detail is not to be rivaled. HEAVEN.

Next time I would plan on going longer because one full day and a half was taken up by traveling. But I am happy we went if even for a short time. We giddily ate and drank all day and night. I can't wait to go back.

Next up: Our restaurant meals in Napa

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer vacation

and we're back!!! We went on a 10 day vacation and we are still recuperating. I am sure it's the longest vacation we have been on since we got married so we felt justified. We went to the mountains to visit my parents, Mimi and Papa. Of course the drive was hell, as always. But we made it safe and sound albeit smelling like vomit and with some new leg stretches under our belt.

J and I left for four days in the middle of it all to hightail it out to Napa to celebrate our anniversary. and we left the boys with my parents (Mimi and Papa). Did you hear me? WE LEFT THE BOYS WITH MY PARENTS! It's not a joke although Mimi sure did think it was. She looked like death warmed over until we left and whaddya know? She was glowing when we got back. They had a ball-all of them did and they even had a few inside jokes between them. Who'da thought? Anyway, we owe them big because it's a lot for me to handle and I am not quite as old. No offense.

The day before we left I found myself a bit anxious about it all and sad even to be leaving the boys to vacation without us. But before and after we still did a lot of fun things together. We went to our usual waterfall. The fall was light so it was shallow enough to wade around in.

aand J took W fishing.

We dug up worms and fed fish at the neighbors house. Pman and the worms became fast friends...until he pulled them apart.

We got to peek through the root system of a pulled up tree on Pman's first real hike.

We picked fresh edamame beans.

and searched for eggs in the chicken coop and lots more! but I won't bore you with the details.

As it turns out Master P, Holy Terror, Pman-whatever you want to call- him only acts like a holy terror when he's around me. They said he was an absolute pleasure and when he starting throwing his familiar tantrums (familiar to me anyway) my parents truly couldn't believe it.
Now I am on to him.

So now that we are back we are gearing up for school and W's birthday, of course. Wahooo! and praying for a great year.