Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! W was super excited for Trick or treating tonight and even took his nap earlier than usual to get rested up for our big night ahead. He was a great dinosaur, roaring around. The practice run at Boo at the Zoo helped a lot. We went to several houses and at each house it went something like this,

Trick or treat!
Thank you!
Mommy, I got candy!
Next house!

For dinner he had some Pirate's Booty cheese puffs. Goldfish. Skittles. More goldfish. I feel so bad about it but he seemed content. We'll just load up him with some veggies tomorrow. They will be fried in the form of nuggets but you gotta take what you can get.

Pman was a good sport. He didn't get to participate much but he did get to partake in the Popeye's friend chicken.

I have a feeling that next Halloween will be even better.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We had the Annual Halloween decorating party at school today. As a room mom, I did nothing. It seems the title of Room Mom doesn't have as much power as it did in the day. The school planned the party and I just had to bring fruit. Someone told me Rouse's had fruit bowls already made. Sounded like a good idea to me. Well, $24.99 later, I had myself a fruit bowl. No matter, at least I wasn't peeling pineapple, de-veining citrus and picking apart grapes. Other moms outdid me what with the pumpkin and ghost shaped sammies and orange cupcakes-you know who you are-but you just wait until Thanksgiving.

W had a fun time. I melt every time I go to school and he doesn't know I'm coming. He was in fun-damentals class and he came around the bend and saw me-his eyebrows popped up and his sweet smile spread on his face. But my good boy didn't let go of the rope until they were led over to where they were going. He kept looking back to make sure I was there but he did what he was told.

So he had his 2nd round of trick or treating. He is enjoying this newly learned skill although this time around he just got crappy trinkets, no candy. Oh-he did get a candy bracelet but that didn't thrill him. Wait until Friday, my friend. You are in for the mother lode. We then decorated pumpkins and ate a cupcake and some goldfish of course. He played a bit and then we left and THAT is the Halloween story.

Why can't Halloween be more like Mardi Gras?

Y'all are going to think I'm crazy but I have to ask. When you go trick or treating, why couldn't people pass out mini pizzas or hamburger sliders, or a piece of cheese? They would be way more satisfying than a piece of chocolate. Less healthy, I admit, and a tad bit messy but I can do without the chocolate.

All the moms I talk to these days are berating themselves for eating all the candy they bought for Halloween. We have had a 12 pack of Reeses Peanut butter eggs in the house for ages and I think 2 are gone. But give me a pizza-chomp chomp-it has no chance of surviving. I think that's why I so look forward to Mardi Gras-the Popeye's, the mini muffalettas, the Le Popeye dip from Langenstein's. Now that's a holiday.

Mama makes a mean Turkey Chili

I am freezing. I am always glad for the first spurt of cold weather but after that I am ready to get back to the good Ole New Orleans heat. Unfortunately, that won't happen for a few months. I needed something hot to warm me up. I already had the ground turkey and was way over my weekly budget for groceries so I needed to work with what I had. Oh, and I wanted it to be relatively low in fat and healthy. That's how I got to the Turkey Chili. Just by coincidence it was a recipe by Nancy Lopez adapted by the chef of Canyon Ranch Spa. I've only been there once. My mom took me when I was in a college. They were running a mother/daughter special. It was some of the best food I'd ever eaten and so was this chili.

So if you're looking for a really easy, no muss, no fuss and healthy recipe look no further.
It was absolutely delicious. and Pman liked it too. I guess, technically, I can call it NolaMom's No Fuss Chili because I had to change the recipe due to ingredient shortage. It calls for chili powder, Hello!, because it's chili but I didn't have any. I substituted cumin for the powder and it gave it a kind of Mexican twist.

Here's the recipe and if you want to make it NolaMom style:
1. Substitute cumin for the chili powder
2. Add a half of an jalapeno pepper
3. Top each serving with a tblsp. of part skim mozzarella cheese

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My dad called us the other night all in a tizzy about this new gadget he had seen on Oprah. My dad watches Oprah, you ask? Well, my dad watches whatever my mom makes him watch and this night it happened to be a tivoed episode of Oprah where she was pushing the Amazon Kindle.

He wants to buy us all one for Christmas and who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. I had never heard of it but it sounded to good to me. And the more I have researched it I am super excited.

For those of you who don't watch Oprah or aren't technically savvy enough to know what it is..It's basically an e-notebook that downloads books. Don't worry it's the size of a small notebook. That was a worry of mine. I don't want to read books off of a blackberry sized thing. AND the big catch is that it is wireless so you don't have to sync up to a computer. You just pick a book and download it. There are no monthly fees. You just have to buy it AND the books are cheaper than they are in a bookstore AND for the environmentally conscious--you're saving paper.

Now I am a paper person. I like to thumb through pages as I am reading but I am so dang tired of
a. going to find a book at the bookstore that they don't have
b. having to wait for it to get here in the mail
c. not to mention that I am tired of my book bill. The last time I went to the bookstore I think I bought a book for Pman, a book for W and a book as a gift and it was 80 some odd dollars. Well, no more!

As of Christmas I will be an Amazon Kindle addict.
or maybe Christmas will come early. :) hint hint

Heart Disease in women

A few weeks ago I was talking about the chest pains I was having. I was freaked out because my grandfather died of heart disease at a young age so I went to a cardiologist. I had an EKG, echocardiogram, and a stress test and then had blood drawn. Turns out the pains were just heartburn or that's my diagnosis due to the fact that I started taking Zantac and it immediately helped. But I did all the tests anyway. Heart disease is the number one killer of American women, according to the American Heart Association and I want to be around for my boys.

I passed the stress test with flying colors. I'm waiting on the results of the echocardiogram which is basically an ultrasound of your heart. It was wierd seeing my heart beating rather than W and Pman's. It was cool. and the thing I was worried about was my cholesterol. I don't know why because I'm a relatively good eater and eat a ton of nuts and fish and other things with omega3 fats. But my levels were all where they were supposed to be.

If you want to know more about heart disease check out the AHA website. It has good information.

I credit my good cholesterol levels to Dr. Ann and her suggested guidelines for heart health. I wish I could get paid for talking her up because I would be a rich woman by now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It was too good to be true.

Pman eating anything and everything. EGGS! He hates eggs now. A week ago he couldn't shovel them in fast enough. On his first birthday I gave him cake and eggs and I wasn't sure what he liked best. He loved them and anything else you put on his plate. If your finger had gotten in the way he would have eaten that too. Until now.

My friend, S said, that God wouldn't do that to someone twice. Give them 2 picky eaters. No way! Try the eggs again. Blap. On the floor.

and now that he talks, his favorite word is cracker. Cracka!

I thought W would pick up good habits from Pman. But just the opposite is happening. Anytime Pman sees W eating one of his 4 staple foods he throws a fit.

Last night at dinner he must have swatted, and I mean swatted, 4 different foods off the fork that J was using to feed him. All the while yelling, "CRACKA!". It's killing me. Me, lover of food, foodie, bottomless pit, piggie has given birth to two boys who only eat CRACKAS!.

They have bonded over this. They fight over toys and sit on each other but they share Crackas like two little angels. What is a mom to do? Anyone?

For New Orleans foodies-Times Picayune restaurant guide

Ok. The Times Picayune's Lagniappe 2008 Fall Dining Guide came out this Sunday and I have to say that I am excited. I read it cover to cover and while there are things that I may not agree with both J and I can't wait to try some new places. Boy are we stuck in a rut. We went to Crepe Nanou Saturday night after a long hiatus and it's no surprise to me that it didn't make the 100 greatest restaurant list.

Moms, remember how chicken smelled to you when you were pregnant? Blah, makes you just wanna puke? That's how my roast chicken smelled and tasted. and oh, I'm not pregnant. The pommes frites were waaay over fried, almost burnt. J liked him because he likes a crispy fry but he has to admit, come on, you know you do, that they were beyond crispy. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about Crepe Nanou.

So as I was saying we are stuck in a rut. We always go to the same places and we have made a pact to try all, or almost all, (there are a few that I have no desire to go to), the restaurants listed. I'll keep you posted. It should be a fun and fattening year.
We've been super busy the past week and you all know that I am not a multi tasker so blogging has gone by the wayside.

W started soccer last week. He seemed to enjoy it even if he doesn't totally get it. It was pure chaos in my opinion and I think the whole thing is a racket. We are basically paying to use the ball while WE run around and try to get him to do what the coach says. As long as he has fun is all that matters. Right?

On Friday we went to Boo at the Zoo. We have bought tickets every year since W was 1 and have never gone. I told J to buy the tickets. He said yes on one condition...that we actually went. Of course Friday rolled around and Uncle RaRa and Aunt JoJo wanted to go to our usual Friday night dinner. It was so pretty, I could think of nothing better than sitting outside with them drinking wine while W ran around but I couldn't bail on the Zoo. J wouldn't let me. Turns out we had a good time. W got the trick or treat thing down pat,

we went through the haunted house and on the Carousel and J and I drank a warm beer while the boys laughed through the whole night. AND THEN once the boys were sleeping we got to order take out Superior Grill including a big fat margarita and reminisce about all the things the boys enjoyed about the night.

That brings us to Monday morning. Pman had to have a test at Children's. It doesn't seem so bad now that it's over and hopefully his results turn out ok. So that's what we've been preoccupied with this past week and is my excuse for abandoning my fans.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging Block

I am having a blogging block. I don't know why. Is it because I am tired. I will get back on the bandwagon tomorrow. It's a new day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When it rains it pours. and that is the doggone truth in New Orleans. Whether we are talking about the rain or the crime. This past week we've had 2 incidents close to home and it's starting to affect my daily routine.
1. The attempting kidnapping of a girl at gunpoint while she was cooling down after running. Luckily she had the wherewithal to scream bloody murder. I don't know if I would have been that courageously smart.
2. The attempted robbery at Laurel Street Bakery at 11am this morning. HELLO!?! Policeman hang out at coffee shops. Lucky for us that they do and unlucky for your stupid wounded and caught ass that you didn't.

Anyway, I sometime have dreams of moving to a quiet and sleepy town that is clean and safe and beautiful. Not that NOLA isn't beautiful because it is but it seems like more and more it doesn't seem as beautiful because it's dirty and crime ridden.

We spent the weekend at a family wedding with Uncle RaRa and Aunt JoJo and they made me a bit envious by talking about living in a place like the above mentioned because I think they may really bite the bullet and move one day. So they can google all of their favorite places and America's best towns and dream dreams that are a little bit closer to reality.

Don't get me wrong. I love NOLA in all it's dirty crime ridden beautiful glory but I just wonder sometimes what it would be like to live somewhere else. A girl can dream, can't she?
This post is more for myself than anybody but I wanted to make sure I wrote down somewhere all the things that Pman is doing at a year. He's not walking. or cruising but he's crawling like a banshee and pulling up and standing a few seconds by himself when he finds something so fascinating that he needs both hands. He's more into his vocals these days and says:
bye bye
ba ba (bottle)
pop pop (take your pacifier out and throw it in the crib)

and he's close to saying Cheerios.
It's really a fun time for us all-watching him grow and learn.
When I was pregnant with Pman one of my biggest concerns was how the LB was going to feel once he was born. Was he going to feel like we abandoned him? Would he feel left out? Would he be really jealous of the baby and hate him and wish he would go away? I think it's a normal feeling to have with the 2nd child. You have gotten so used to your life with just the one, your daily routines, that you can't imagine incorporating anyone else into it.

Well, I had the baby and I think it was probably me that needed to adjust the most. The LB hung on to J for the most part. He figured it out when I was in the hospital I guess, that Dad was doing everything for him now. and it didn't seem to bother him. It just bothered me that he didn't want to hang out. He liked the baby and all and was awfully sweet to him-more so than he is now. and that's just it. I keep telling my friend who is about to have twins that the feeling goes away and you find a new normal. and part of that is true. You find a new normal but that worrisome feeling never went away. It's still here. Every time I have to stop playing with W to tend to Pman. He gives me a look, like hey, mom, we were rockin' and rollin' over here and now you're leaving. I get the same look when I scold him for taking something away from the baby and every day after bath time when I have to leave W still wet and wrapped in a towel to get Pman crying from the hallway because he can't keep up with us. and it makes me sad for him. It makes me sad that he won't ever remember when he was the Main Man around here.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

LC and Justin Bobby?!

I just have to say 'Yuck!" and I thought that was what LC has been saying all along about Justin Bobby, Audrina's long time crush on The Hills. She said she liked boys who bathe and he definitely doesn't fit into that category. So why, oh why, LC have you strayed to the dark side or should I say dirty side?

Read here for more.

I'm having an affair...with a younger man

I never thought it would happen but it did. It took me totally by surprise especially because he's kind of bald but I find it kind of cute, I have to admit. He laughs a whole lot although when he cries, he crieds hard so we have a lot in common. The crying thing and that we both love food-salty food. He likes sweets, like I do, but nothing is better than a salty scrambled egg or a pizza. I haven't k nown him long. Only a year.

I feel like I have known him forever. It seems like just yesterday that he was stuck in my belly all breached and everything. My Pman.

I cannot believe he is 1 year old!

This affair really took me by surprise because the other 2 men I am having a love affair with are older. I swore there would only be two men in my life. Up and down, I swore it. But overnight Pman and I bonded. And I cannot tell you how it happened or why I just know that it will be forever. My other 2 men can talk and walk and have our own special bonds but Pman and I share a bond over food that cannot be compared.

My baby is growing so fast. Just yesterday he was nursing and today he's eating meat and eggs and cheese and potatoes and cous cous...well, don't leave anything in his path because he will eat it. But enough about food. He is sweet and silly and handsome and passionate. He is everything I could ask for in a baby and I can't believe he is growing up. His hair is growing over his ears, he has the cutest darn snaggle toothe you have ever seen and has an uncanny knack of making W giggle like he's never giggled before.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pman! I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being one of the men of my dreams.

Love Mom

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

J and W have downstairs playing and I just have to say that W can kick a ball. Man! I am impressed. He always seems like such a baby to me. Especially when he's around other kids, whether they are younger are older. He looks young and innocent, like my baby and he acts young and innocent. But tonight for some reason when they were kicking the ball around he grew up for a few minutes. It was weird. He was standing taller and he was kicking that ball with all of his might. He was yelling "Pow!" and saying how he was "going to kick it tru the air!". and he did. No grounders here. All of the balls he kicked were hard and fast and caught air. He's going to be the man. J doesn't like soccer. For some reason he's more of a football player. He always ribs his brother about his nephew playing soccer-who btw is a REALLY good soccer player. But I think he may have a change of heart once his baby grows up and kicks everyone's ass on the soccer field.

Monday, October 06, 2008


All I'm asking for is a little freakin' quiet around here. It's 2:25pm and the boys have both just stopped crying and dare I say it, gone to sleep but the noise is still here. Out on the street the city is doing something with a big frackin' hose that sounds like the world is coming to an end. No wonder Pman couldn't go to sleep. I want to believe that they are doing something necessary but for some ODD reason I believe that it's something completely idiot. Does it surprise you? Living in New Orleans. There is always something stupid going on and it's usually during naptime.

Friday, October 03, 2008

A day late...

Happy Birthday, JoJo!
I meant to write a tribute to JoJo on her birthday yesterday. and it was a big one I can't believe it. JoJo is my sister-in-law. She is the big 3-0 now and I still can't believe that she is so young.

Aaahhhh, to be young again.

If you knew her you would think that she was older than her 30 years, not because she looks old, because she doesn't, but because she is mature and level headed and has a work ethic that rivals J's (that's huge). She's got a good head on her shoulder, is calm and collected and doesn't get all wound up about stupid things (like I do) She runs a successful business-Drama Kids International-if you are at all interested in signing your kids up for the program. That's the other thing, she's great with kids, yeah and they are not even hers. That's a huge asset. She takes these kids and develops them into great, confident actors.

I think the best part about her is that she is handy. Oh, that goes a long way in our family because we don't have many "handymen". and every family needs one of those. JoJo is ours.

Anyway, she's great. and we love her because she's a jolly good fellow.

Hope you had a great day and have a great whoopin' it up night tonight!
I just yelled at the Little Buddy. He wouldn't get dressed and J was in a hurry to leave early. So I yelled at him. It was the only thing that would get him to take me seriously. I feel awful and guilty . Just another reason to feel like a bad mom. But a few minutes later he was over it. He looked me in the eye again and smile and then he gave me a big hug. Oh, my sweet baby W. If only I could get over the guilt as quickly or at all.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Not enough time to do anything else AND blog

Nola Notes went on an internet hiatus for a week. I can't imagine but I can imagine how much I could get done. If I weren't online now I would be making my bed, picking up toys, organizing the office, finishing the decorations for Pman's birthday, folding clothes, cleaning the kitchen or brushing my hair. The last one goes by the wayside a lot-usually the first to be dropped off the to do list when I need to drop something.