Monday, March 31, 2008

Before I had Master P I was worried how I could love another child as much as I love W. I just knew it wasn’t possible. People tell you it is, that you find the love somewhere and that it’s equal. Well, they were right. But it’s not the same. Of course, I love Master P as much but I love them both with a love that is unique to each one. I can’t explain it but I will try.

W is my baby. My very first baby and my little buddy. I love him like I love no other. I want to hold him and keep him close and never let him go. If only he would let me, right? I want to see what he will laugh at today. What he finds joy in, how many times he will stop playing to come in for a kiss, what new words he will master and what friends he makes at the park.

Master P is my baby. My little baby who I also love like no other. I want to hold him and protect him and cuddle with him. But more than that I want to stand back and watch him grow up because it goes by too fast. I want to watch him laugh at his brother. I want to see the world from his prospective. I want to see how many times it takes him to roll out of the room. I want to hear his big ole belly laugh from such a little baby. I want him to realize how much I love him. That’s he is not 2nd fiddle to W. I wish he were old enough to know that.

So if you’re pregnant with your 2nd child or scared to get pregnant for fear of the lack of love you’ll have, don’t worry because what you will have after the baby comes in double the volume of love, in 2 different varieties, a variety pack if you will, that fills up your heart. The way I love both of my boys is an amazing kind of love. But you just can’t compare them to each other. It’s like apples and oranges because neither two children nor the love you have for them are alike.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Master P is a rollin' machine. A frickin' roller coaster. He is all over the place and if he never crawls it will be okay because he can get from point a to point b in 2 seconds just by rolling. It's crazy. I don't remember W doing it with this amount of intensity. It could mean we're in for it. W was and is so laid back. Hangs out. Doesn't really get into anything. He's the cool guy. and Master P cracks up at him. It will be interesting to see how different or similar Master P's personality will be to W's. I have a feeling we will be putting up baby gates every 5 steps. We will see.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Hills Lauren Conrad on Letterman

I just watched my tivo of LC on David Letterman. She looks really good, btw. I guess the new season is starting on Monday. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! She's not working at Teen Vogue anymore and it sounds like neither is Whitney.

Search for Criminals who live near you

A freind just sent me this link called Family Watchdog
It is so very cool. You enter your street address and a map pops up with your house on it. Then it shows you where every known criminal lives near you. It gives you their name, their address, their convictions, etc.
My mom saw some lady that we both knew and was talking about how old she looked. I agreed with her. She's a relatively young person but she kind of looks haggard because her face is sooo dry. I mean, I don't want to dog anyone because I look pretty haggard myself but seeing her kind of gave me motivation to start doing more with my beauty regimen. I am definitely a product of an all girl school. We never really had to worry about what we looked like because there was no one to impress. So while I was at Walmart the other day I picked up some Oil of Olay Night firming cream . Now I'm not one to review products but I used it for the first time last night. It smelled pretty good and felt really rich and decadent going on my face but then my skin felt kind of tight right after. But this morning! Seriously, my face felt so soft. So just thought I would share some love and tell you about my experience if you too aren't into spending a butt load of money on beauty products.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kelly Mom

I have Kelly Mom on my blogroll because it did help me in my miserable days of Katrina evacuation when I was alone and trying to figure out the ups and downs of nursing my newborn. BUT I just hopped on to check it out again and realized that they are super nazi about nursing so take it with a grain of salt. Don't get me wrong. I loved it dearly and it served its purpose at the time but I just want to let other nursing moms out there that there are a ton of different point of views on the subject. It's a complicated thing, this nursing babies and many, many different opinions.

Ridiculously cute, or what?

I hate to brag but is this ridiculously cute, or what? I hope they like each other as much when they are 18 and 20 as they do now. It melts my heart to see the love.

Oh, and stay tuned for a photo of me that makes me look UBER skinny. I think I will blow it up to 11x18 and save it for my kids and their grandkids.

My Aha Moment with my picky eater

I got my parenting email today and it was about dealing with carb loaders. Which W is. He will eat crackers, muffins, bread chips you name it, any carb but mashed potatoes all day long.

The suggested muffins with veggies. So I'm going to make zucchini muffins. and then I thought, well hell, he'll eat mini quiches. I am sure of it. That way he'll get eggs and milk and veggies and even ham if I feel like getting saucy.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reality TV Hog Heaven

I am in hog heaven right now. There are so many reality tv shows on right now that we barely have any tv downtime. Tivo is working overtime. But I think I am most excited about Top Chef. I love it and I feel like it's a bit more intelligent than the other ones. Of course there is always game play but it's not quite so out of control.

Paradise Hotel is totally trashy and cheesy. But I do love cheese.

And Big Brother could have 50 seasons and I would never tire of the drama.

Survivor is good. and I like it but I am not devastated if I miss it.

Take my poll in the sidebar. I would love to know if I am in the majority or if I am a total sleazebag reality tv junky alone.

What doesn't kill us

only makes us stronger. So I've heard.

Every morning is such a hassle. I dread it. Getting W dressed. It's a fight each and every time and I have tried every tactic. I've tried being super upbeat "Let's get dressed! Yay! We're going to the park!" I've tried dominatrix "We are getting dressed now or else." I've tried timeouts "If you don't get dressed you are going in time out. This is your warning." This usually leads to a 45 minute time out which doesn't really help when we have someplace to be. I've tried avoiding the issue and just picking him up to get him dressed. Sometimes that works. and I have tried letting him do it himself. This morning I finally resorted to mean mom. I strapped him down on the changing table (thank goodness we still use it) and just dressed him. I was sweating by the time it was all over. and I took away his tv priveleges. He doesn't watch a lot. 2-3 shows a day. Is that alot? But he loves it and talks back and forth to Elmo on Sesame Street. So no tv today. I am not sure who I am punishing more. Me or him. The first thing fellow mom asked me when I told her what I did, "What are you going to do in the afternoon?" and I was seriously worried. I was worried about that witching hour when he is getting riled up and cranky and I am trying to simultaneously feed Master P, cook supper, keep W satisfied and happy AND enjoy my evening glass of vino. Luckily, I am saved. This time. Mimi and Papa are coming to get him to play. Next time I'll tell you what I did. I am sure there will be a next time.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I’m guilty. I admit it. I am guilty of being a bad driver, although I am much more aware of my surroundings now that I have 2 kids in the car. Well, if I’m not on my cell phone I am. It’s awful I know. J gets very miffed at me about the whole situation. He knows that A. I have constant road rage and B. that I am ALWAYS on my cell phone. He caught me one day leaving the house. He saw me out the window getting on my phone even before I got in the car. (To see me he would have had to go out of his way to spy on me out the window.) Anyway, I am guilty. I know it and I can’t do anything about it. It’s an addiction. I can’t let it go. And it’s gotten worse having 2 kids. There is rarely a time that I can talk on the phone, catch up, shoot the shit, and gossip uninterrupted to my hearts content except in the car. I have put a check on my road rage and I have gotten better for the sake of my kids. But one thing at a time.

P.S. The NY Times had an article about using cell phones and said that drivers on cell phones drive 2 mph slower. I believe it because everyday I am honking and screaming at yahoos behind the wheel who are on their phones inching along when I have someplace to be. (Really, I have gotten the road rage under control…I’m trying)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Losing weight and double ear infections

So we all go for our well checkups today. W has been sick so I was glad we were going. The dr. checked out Master P first and discovered he had a double ear infection. I feel horrible. I had no idea. He showed no signs of it and I just feel like a bad mother. On top of that he lost weight. Ugh! I told him how much I was feeding him (no wonder he was lapping up the cereal as if it was the only thing he ate all day). I guess my milk supply has dropped so I now have to supplement with formula. It's not that I mind giving him formula. I do every night and every so ofter after I have had more than a few pops, it's just that it extra work. Gosh, is that selfish. I would rather just quit nursing and give him formula all together.

So for all of you moms out there who feel guilty for screaming at their kids, just think of me. Atleast you are feeding them enough. After only 2 supplemental feedings he is a changed baby. Happy and full and cooing more than he ever has. Poor baby.

Amazon Kindle

Okay. I'm not one for pushing products on here but this is pretty cool. and I'm not too tech savvy either so I may not be explaining correctly but check it out anyway. Amazon Kindle is a computer device that you buy and then you can download newspapers and bestselling books to it and it reads just like a book or paper. If you are an avid reader it will save you a ton of money in buying books b/c I think the said to download a book it is only $9.99. Anyway, if it interests you at all, check it out.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Paranoia as a mom

The paranoia is setting in. W is sick. He woke up drenched in vomit on Saturday night-sobered me up real quickly. The poor thing was burning up and each day he cannot wait until naptime.
"Nigh Nigh?" he's asked 2 days in a row. I think he is on the mend though. he still has a fever but hopefully he will be well soon. But my gosh. I can't let it go. The thought of catching anything and everything that comes around the bend. The UPS man had a delivery today. Started talking about how his wife had the flu-"she has it bad". I wanted to burn the package, but it's my new bedding that I have searched high and low for. I'll just burn the box maybe and bleach my hands. It's awful to like this.

I'm constantly feeling Master P. Worried that he too will catch the bug. The poor baby-he will soon be as scared at the sight of a rectal thermometer and vaseline as W is. But so far so good. He's at 99.1 degrees but I think babies fluctuate and I took it after we had gone strolling, then for coffee in this hot weather, with a blanket on.