Monday, May 17, 2010

I have forgotten

I have to admit I had forgotten about you, blog. Not that I don't love you but my life has become so hectic that I don't have much down time to remember what you gave me when I was a lonely new mom looking for an outlet. and then someone asked where I was and I remembered the good times. So I'm back.

The boys are crazy big and I feel so guilty that most of Pman's life hasn't been documented. Neither on here or in a journal. He will have huge gaps and for that I am sorry. because he is quite the character, still Master P in every since of the word. Kind of crazy, kind of a terror but oh so loveable and cute. I told J last night after he had his way with me by cutting his eyes around at me that he was going to skate through life thinking he is cute and using those cutting eyes and dimples on everyone and everything who gets in his way. J's response was horrifying!!!!!

"Nothing that Marine Officer Boot Camp Training won't cure him of"

I know he says things like that to get a rise out of me. It ain't happenin'.

We've been to the beach since we've last talked. It was a happy trip. Just look how my boys have grown!

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-e said...

yay! welcome back! i have missed you! the boys are precious and so glad you made it to the beach before the big mess!