Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Halleluiah Moment

These are those moments where we have a major breakthrough and it sings in my head. Like when you get a baby to sleep through the night or W eats something new and healthy. We had another one this morning.

We went to get shoes for W yesterday. He only wears Keds. It’s not my doing…HE WILL ONLY WEAR KEDS…and he hates to be barefoot. Drives me insane.

But I tried anyway. He picked out purple Polliwogs (kind of like crocs but they have animals on them and they come in one size). Wasn’t sure he would wear them. He talked about them and held them when we got home but wouldn’t put them on his feet. I wasn’t going to push it.

So we were getting ready for school and I was putting on his shoes. The Polliwogs were right next to us so I ever so slyly slipped them on his foot. He got up and started walking, hesitantly at first then I heard it


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