Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So we went to visit the in-laws this weekend. It was probably the first plane trip the W can remember. He's a seasoned traveler, what with Katrina and all, but this was a new thing as far as he was concerned and he loved it. The whole trip was an adventure for him. From the airplane to the hotel room key card to meeting his cousins and back. On the way there he fell asleep on the plane but since he couldn't recline his seat he did an instant face plant into his tray. Luckily J caught him by the forhead in time. and because J had to hold Master P as well (due to airplane regs, I won't get into it) he had to hold the baby with one hand and keep W up by his forehead with the other.

The cribs were like a cage. W couldn't get comfy and the minute he woke up on Sat. he said, "I tired". W threw up all over himself and creation and ended up in a St. Louis Cardinal onesy that was a gift complete with the knee socks in 45 degree weather.

They were totally out of their element. Meeting a ton of new people and new animals and still managed to wow everyone.

The moral of the story, or the trip, is that my boys are great kids, great travelers in the face of adversity.

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