Monday, September 14, 2009

Fighting brothers

The fighting going on around here is getting out of control. and I absolutely do not know how to handle it. It usually starts with 'MIIIINE!' and then it snowballs into a knock down drag out fight and crying fit between everyone. Oh, and it's over anything. a car, a block, a rubber band, a piece of sh$&. Anything. It's actually kind of funny when Pman starts it by taking the littlest thing, walking over to W, raising the object of desire into the air and shouting MINE! and mayhem ensues. Sometimes they are just being funny.
"My House!" as we are driving into the driveway.
"No, My House!"
"My House!"
back and forth forever. But the main source of contention is the Silly Top. What's a Silly Top, you ask? The Silly Top is a yellow plastic spinning top the the size of a silver dollar. One day W was throwing a major tantrum because Master P took it from him. and I was trying to explain to W that he was just taunting him. I also explained to him that it wasn't necessary to cry over it because it was just a "silly top" and that there were much better toys to play with.
"But I want to play with the Silly Top!", he wailed. and from then on the Silly Top has become the bane of my existence.
I am making it sound all lighthearted and such but it's not. It's crying all day, everyday over the stupidest things. and I have no idea what to do. For awhile I was taking anything they fought over and hiding it but it got to the point there was nothing to play with. A lot of times I just yell and scream right along with them. That's always a good scene. But lately I have just been trying to ignore it and let them go until they can't cry anymore.....they are still crying, ha!

So that's what I have been doing if you were wondering the reason for the lack of posting. I have been over here trying to referee the MINE! Wars.

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