Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playing Hooky!

What a fool! What a FOOL! I can't believe how easy it was to fool that woman, I call Mommy. I really have been sicky, don't get me wrong. I've got yucky sores on my tongue and when she checked my temperature in my ear 2 days ago I had a fever. But I have been good to go for awhile now. Yeah, my tongue still hurts a lot but I overheard Mr. doctor say that I wasn't contagious if I didn't have fever.

She's been a trooper I have to say. Pman throwed up in his bed Mondy night and slept in the bashgetti and meatballs he ate that night. Eeeeew! It was gross. So she had to deal with two sicky boys. But yesterday we were both much better and had a BALL! playing hooky. So I thought to myself, lets do it again! So I just played up my hurty tongue and told her I was sicky again. and snap! just like that she told Daddy that I was staying home. Hooooray! We went to Mimi and Papa's so she could do some excercising. I got to watch SuperWhy! and then we went to the new coffee house to get coffee and a cookie! Wahooooo! AND I got her all to myself. That Mommy. No Pman around to say "My Mommy!"

Between you and me I think she is catching on but what do I care. It's too late for her to send me to school so I am home free!!!!!!

Gotta go now. She doesn't know I can use the computer, much less type. So catch ya later!

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