Monday, February 14, 2011

An early Valentines'

My Valentines day from both J and the boys came early this year.
J surprised me with drinks at La Petite and dinner at Lilette, followed by more drinks at the bar next door. Can't remember the name but needless to say, on Sunday I had a Valentines hangover. William's big Valentines gift to me was one that he didn't even know he was giving. The gift of healthy eating. Say it again? Yes, the gift of healthy eating from a boy who only eats CRAP. He decided yesterday to not have french fries with his chicken fingers and instead have fresh fruit. I did a secret Valentines Day dance in my head. and THEN when we went to Superior Grill he said that he was going to eat his whole quesadilla first before eating his french fries. The boy was good to his word. I am not sure where this change has come from but we are rolling with it.

So I think I will declare this the most productive and best Valentine's Day I have ever had....since I had kids.

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