Monday, January 31, 2011

100 Day Party

Today is W's 100th day of Pre-K! hence the reason for the 100 day party. It's been quite the buildup. He asks almost every day when the 100th day of school is going to be...and he has been doing it from the beginning of the year. So when he told me they were allowed to bring treats to the party I went into full super mom mode. We spent the weekend blowing up 100 balloons. Btw I think I have developed a latex allergy from blowing them all up. The boys were a HUGE help. As soon as I finished blowing up one, they would hand me another. Couldn't have done it without them. A little shout out to J for blowing up 15 for me without me knowing. So when I thought I had 20 more to go, I only had 5!!!! We spent Sunday afternoon baking the cake. It was a process. I looked on the internet for some handy tips on icing cutouts. I had to freeze each section for 30 minutes, ice it with the "crumb layer", refreeze it for another 30 minutes before my final icing. worked like a charm. Might just be going into the party cake business. I got 15 dollars worth of M&M's in his school colors. Had NO IDEA they would cost that much but by this point I was in too deep. W decorated the final iced "100" with 100 chocolate treats that he counted out. He was very proud as you can see. So if you have any questions about creating a fabulous 100 day cake for your child or need advice on blowing up 100 balloons.....I say, don't do it. Just kidding. It turned out to be a fun project.

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