Monday, November 19, 2007

The Bachelor: Brad Womack

WHAAAAT?! Brad Womack, the hottest, most normal of all the Bachelors in history obviously has some committment issues. That was such a crappy ending. It was just-blah. I cannot believe he didn't pick one. Just pick one, dammit. Then you can break up with them an hour later but at least give us the satisfaction of thinking you are in love. I thought for sure he was going to pick Deanna. I was wrong.

My theory for the reason he didn't pick either one:
Jenny was too damn emotional and immature. and he didn't really jive with her family. I know he says he did but I think the thought of marrying into the family (as nice as I am sure they are) didn't appeal to him and being the committment-phobe that he is, all the crying and desperation scared him away.

and as for Deanna. He knew that he wanted to marry her, or someone exactly like her, that is if he really wanted to get married. But committment-phobes don't get married so he couldn't choose her.

That's it. I cannot wait for tomorrow's After the Final Rose.


Anonymous said...

It just makes me wonder if he did it for publicity for his stupid bars.

alwrighty said...

What a disappointment! Seems like Brad was using his head when he should have been using his heart. Sucks to be him right now I'm sure!

lisa said...

he did both girls a big favor. what if one of the girls got stuck with him? that would have been tragic.

-e said...

okay, lucy and I have already talked and we are soooooooooo mad too! I agree with everything you said. I wanted him to pick Deanna and he better watch out for the grandmother in Kansas b/c she said she would get him if he broke ginny's heart. uh-oh! I am so dissappointed in Brad. I thought he was genuinely wanting to get married. I think you are acurate in calling him on the commitment phobia! I hope tomorrow night is "real"!

Anonymous said...

the hottest, most normal bachelor yet? really....the other bachelors must have sucked. I couldn't get past the way he spoke. Too much time between each word. Don't suspect he's the sharpest guy. Plus the way he dressed: Malboro man meets Banana Republic meets Regis Philbin from "Who wants to be a Millionaire"

Ginny-too young, emotionally unstable. I'm still embarrassed for her from that dance she did in her hometown.

Deanna-deserves so much more than Brad. Hope she tears him a new one.

Anonymous said...

Deanna can't be too irritated with Brad. She's in pictures taken at Brad's bar posted on the bar's website, so I suspect that tonight when she acts all mad at him it will be an act. I'd rather see him dump the chicks than go through the charade so many others have of pretending to love the person.

Anonymous said...

What is the bar website? I want to see that photo of him and Deanna!