Friday, November 09, 2007

Hi. I'm better. I've had more sleep and finally feel kind of functional. I'm just one of those people who need 9 hours of sleep. J, not so much. He never went to bed last night. He worked all night and is working all day, all with a stiff upper lip. I don't know how he does it. I would be screaming and crying.

We're getting into somewhat of a routine with BP. That's the other thing. It was the lack of sleep, raging hormones, having to nurse all the time, with no routine to govern my day. It drove me crazy. Literally. So we're on the upswing.

I cooked a real dinner for the first time since I had the baby. It was delicious. I still had to shovel it down so fast that I had reflux (seems to be a common theme lately) but it was good. Double cut pork chops with a carmelized onion gravy and shitake mushrooms. I wish I had a photo for you. BP started crying halfway through as did the LB. lately he's been having crying fits when we put him to bed-for hours. We can't figure it out. I am guessing it's some kind of separation anxiety. Last week he ended up sleeping with us. Well, he slept. We didn't so I was having none of that last night. I'm already sleep deprived as it is.

Anyway, look for more upbeat posts in the coming days. I promise there is a fun loving person somewhere behind all of this.


Nola said...

Sounds like you've turned a corner! Things will be a lot better soon. Din-din sounds very good!

NolaMom said...

I have!!! Whew-I was kind of shaky for awhile there.