Sunday, November 18, 2007

Before I had kids, my friend told me that when another kid was mean to your kid you wanted to kick their ass. On Friday, I experienced that feeling. Not only did I want to kick the kid's ass, but I did kick her ass. This is what happened.

We all loaded up, BP, W and me and went to the park. It was CRAZY! Kids everywhere in addition to about 20 moms having a late afternoon picnic while their kids ran rampant. So W was having a grand time, going down the slide, climbing all over. and there was me. My first outing to the park with both of them. I was trying to watch W on the play equipment and watch BP in his stroller that was caught in the crossfire of a thousand older boys throwing chunks of dried mud at each other and before I knew it a little girl had shoved, and I mean SHOVED W down the slide, so hard that he was all askew, barely hanging on, almost falling off with a look of terror on his face. and he started crying, more from fear than anything but he could have really hurt himself. That's when I lost it. I let her have it. I tried to keep my cool and told her she was too old to be doing that, that she needed to apologize, that she shouldn't be on the little kids area. She was about 7-8 years old and really pretty. So pretty that people probably have been telling her that all of her life so she has that bitchy attitude. I know this because she sassed me back and got right back up on the slide and slid down. So I poked her in the chest with my finger and told her she wasn't allowed on the little kids equipment and if she was going to act like that she should go elsewhere (in so many words). and the little bitch looked at me as if she didn't give a flying f--- and went on her merry way. Side note: I don't remember being a bitch until I was 12 or so. When we were leaving the park she had the audacity to stare me down until we were out of eyesight. Kids these days. I am shocked. and if it was your kid, I won't apologize because if it had been my kid acting like that I would have been pleased that you reprimanded my child. It takes a village...

Her mom was obviously was one of the mom's whoopin' it up at the picnic so was totally unaware of the situation but by gaging her kid's attitude I am not sure she would have cared anyway.

I told W that he wasn't allowed to hit girls but he sure could push them back if the situation called for it.

Now I don't want to be one of those mom's that fights the battles for their kids. That's what make a nerd but I am not sure how to remove myself. If it happened again I would do the same thing.

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-e said...

You go girl! here! here! or is it hear! hear! ? I have never known, but either way I am with you!