Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stalker in the House

Today was Jazz Fest at W’s school. They had bands and Plum Street snowballs and crafts and musical instruments for all the kids to play. They seemed to have a grand time. I had fun too but I got to meet this little girl. If this is any indication of the kind that W will be dating…I’m up a creek.

She’s an older woman. She’s in the 3 year class. All I can say is that I am glad she’ll be graduating next year. My mom said the same thing about the older woman my brother dated when he was a sophomore. She was a senior and my mom called her a slut, I’m not kidding, and sprayed the hose on her car (he couldn’t drive yet) while they were in it making out. Anyway, the teachers mentioned this girl in the conference. They kind of glossed over it and said that the ‘older girls loved W and treated him as their baby on the playground.’ They always say how cute he is as they pull him around during recess. I thought it was cute, too. Until today. We were sitting on the steps listening to the band and his teacher walked up and introduced this little girl to me who was sitting next to W as the girl who loved him. I did not notice her until then but when I glanced down she was staring so intently at him. If she had a booger sticking out of her nose it would have been on W’s face. That’s how close she was to him. He wasn’t paying her any mind. Really, it was as if she didn’t exist. I guess that’s the best way to deal with it but she freaked me out and had it been me I would have slapped her upside the head for getting in my space. I hate to say this about another child but she was freaky looking. Maybe it was the way she was looking at him, I don’t know but I wanted to take my baby and run. This territorial feeling that I have never experienced washed over me. I now understand the craziness that surfaced in my mom towards all of Uncle RaRa’s girlfriends. For the rest of the morning every where she went she this little freak would suddenly appear next to W. She never uttered a word and he never gave her the time of day. It’s not like E who loves him and takes care of him. I mean, he talks about E all of the time and smiles when he sees her. This girl, he looked right through. Thank goodness. Hopefully, if he attracts stalkers of this type throughout his life he’ll have the good sense to ignore them like he does this girl. If they were older I would be worried. But luckily they are only toddlers and if she snaps I am not sure she has the hand eye coordination to really hurt him.

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