Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cafe Adelaide and Frosty the Snowman

Once again I have been remiss in posting and I hate it. I hate it because I feel like I am letting so many memories of the boys growing up slip away. Usually if I don't post I at least write down my thoughts in a notebook that they can read when they grow up but I haven't even been doing that. The pressure of Christmas has really gotten to me this year. For the first year W has his heart set on presents and he is in love with the lights and sounds of the holidays. He told me the other day that we forgot to put the lights on the outside of our house. No pressure.

and then there is the school application process. Kill me now.

So that is what I am focusing on right now while Pman is talking like a person in between all the whining and while they both are learning Frosty the Snowman without missing a beat. We listen to it continuously the second we get in the car until the second we get out. I'm not kidding. I only knew the words to the chorus until now.

Meanwhile Pman is a hellion at school. Getting put in timeout, almost twice so far. I think the teacher was shocked because she knows W. Well, Master P is no W. He's the Master of Terror.

W has totally come out of his shell. Talks to total strangers and talks to us nonstop. He is really into dribbling basketballs, we call him our Dribbling Fool and he begs to stay at school all day. My sweet baby is all grown up!

Anyway, the latest news is that Uncle RaRa got mentioned in the Lagniappe by Brett Anderson for his idiosyncratic taste and improving the wine list at Cafe Adelaide. Hooray to RaRa! and we got shafted out of going to eat there last night by the rainstorm. So if you get there before us give RaRa a high five because you will probably see him before we do since he's always working. and on a final note....


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