Saturday, November 28, 2009

stomach bugs, sweet boys and future wives

Big sigh.

It's been a long road. We are barely past our 3rd stomach virus of the year. Let me tell you how this last one played out. It was a cold Saturday morning and we were off to a birthday party at Kidsport. A fun time place for kids to run around with bounce houses and obstacle courses and trampolines. We got there 45 minutes late for two reasons. The first being that I thought it started at 10:30. Never mind that I had the invitation in my lap as we drove around Harahan in a lost frenzy which brings us to the other reason we were late. We were lost. Anyway, we got there and joined the party. Pman had pizza with the other kids and W played until it was cake cutting time at which point he sat down in the middle of the table and yelled, "I'm sick!". I thought he was whining because his nose was runny. Again, "AAaAaaah! I'm sick!". A bit aggravated I told J to get him up from the table. He did and the next thing I know he was hurling his breakfast all over the place, splattering chunks of blueberry muffins on the pile of purses and coats and shoes that were on the side of the room. I go to help and see a kid in slow motion running after a basketball and sliding into the vomit. I too am slipsliding around in my ballet flats on the slick puke laden floor. Fun times.

So we finally get us all home and in bed. and before you know it I am vomiting too. Blah. W was good after a day or two but I was down well into Tuesday night.

There are many good things that have come out of these awful stomach viruses. The first being that I have lost at least 10 pounds and I am doing my damndest to keep it off. The second being that I have truly seen a side of W that makes me cry when I think about it. During all of the illnesses both boys have bounced back sooner than me. Kids are resilient you know and they tend to shake it off quicker. During virus #2 he was home alone with me and had to fetch me a pot or slop bucket as I was laying on the couch and when J got home he made the kids dinner and heated himself up a can of soup, in a pot, and ate it from the pot. Typical male. W was worried that J had taken my slop bucket to eat his soup out of and came running to the den to make sure that I still had my pot and then he knelt down by the couch, took my hand, looked me in the eye and said, "Are you feeling better, Mommy?" and at that moment he looked so old and I caught a glimpse of the kind of man he was going to be. Sensitive and sweet and concerned. and I cried (remember I was 5 days into a 6 day stomach virus so I was a little punchy).

So to all you girls out there looking for a good will have to answer to W's mommy before I just hand him over to just anyone.

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-e said...

you paint a wonderful picture... well not wonderful, but I can totally envision it, sounds like a scene out of a movie! Glad you are on the mend. -e