Thursday, August 19, 2010

W starts Pre-K

Can you believe it? That five years ago W was born and about to be torn out of his home to live in evacuation mode? and now he is starting Pre-K. My baby.

He had a great day. It could have a lot to do with the fact that Thursdays are always donut day but I think that he just had an all around fun time. I also think that he was as ready to go back to school as I was to have him go back to school. It was a little bittersweet but, golly I was ready. We were all bored and hot sitting around this city with nothing to do. Our pool is now closed during the week. My kids are not huge fans of the monkey room and I am too lazy to take them each and every day somwhere to keep them entertained. Nothing wrong with a little creative boredom, is there? Wrong. It was driving us all crazy.

So off we went for his first day of big boy school, with his big boy backpack, ready for whatever came him way. Here he is. I think I overdid it on the backpack but I didn't want to get the small one and then have him look like a baby to all the other kids. Little did I know that it would be bigger than him.

and good news for all of us. Once school really gets rolling I will have the much desired time that I need to keep up with my fans! Happy schooling everyone.

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-e said...

It probably ways more than he does! I'll always know how old he is b/c of Katrina.