Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am struggling with several things as a mom lately. I think each issue deserves its own post so I will start with the less disturbing of the two. I am still not sure it is something I should publicize because I don't want to take anything away from W. He is kind and sweet and imaginative and I have to say, quite creative. He composes his own songs. They are funny and loud and rhythmic. Our drive to school in the morning has become a time for singing and scatting and we have a ball. But there is one thing that is grating on my nerves. and that is Monkey. For those of you who do not know Monkey, he is W's best friend. Papa gave him to W as a baby. Monkey is attached to W's hip inside the house. and just recently he has been going to school for nap time. He is dirty and disgusting. But W loves him and well, he loves W. I love Monkey too. I have Snoopy and I believe that all children should have a "Monkey" or "Snoopy". So what is my issue you ask?
Monkey now talks.
and Talking Monkey drives me NUTS! Of course W talks for him but he uses "Monkey's voice" and let me say it again. It drives me NUTS! He wants to play with us and eat with us and read with us. and Monkey talks A LOT! Do you get it? I can barely look at them when Monkey is talking because it grates on my nerves so badly. The only saving grace is that sometimes what Monkey says and does gives me insight into what is going on with W. But I am hoping this is a very very short phase because it's becoming increasingly difficult to respond to Monkey.

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