Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Little Prince

We spent all morning outside. I ran around the park and then we played in the grass. After a quick lunch, W is only eating goldfish, we scooted around the block in his red wagon and walked up and down the sidewalk and watched the cars pass. We had a grand time. October in New Orleans really is perfect. It's a bit overcast today but still cool enough to be comfortable spending the day outside.

Momo and Papa come home today. So that will be a change of pace for W. He loves Momo and Papa. Who wouldn't? Momo kisses and cuddles and reads and tickles and Papa lets W grab his nose and sings and carries him around like he's The Little Prince. Papa tells him everything about everything and then listens while W talks. It's all about W. They will be certainly giddy to see him walking in his new shoes and even giddier when they see the look on his face when he sees them.

It'll make for a fun weekend.

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