Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mom Blogs

I just came across 2 blogs that I think I might love. I haven't fully perused them yet as I literally came across them 2 minutes ago and it is way past my bedtime (W has been getting up at 5am). Maybe you've seen them or not but the nanny one seems especially fascinating.

I Saw Your Nanny
Anyone can go on and post 'nanny stories'. So if you see a nanny being mean to a child and they are doing something that you wish someone would tell you about if they saw your nanny doing it to your baby you can post it on here and hope that you will see it. They do have sweet posts, complimenting nannies too.

Posh Mom
The intent is good. I haven't clicked around enough to see if it really serves a purpose, for me anyway. But the 'party' section caught my eye. Always up for a good par-tay!

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