Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alleluia moment Number (I'm just guessing) 100

I have a lot of Alleluia moments. I'm sure we are way past Alleluia moment number 100 but I decided to start keeping track of them and thought 100 was a good number. You can read about another moment. and another one. We had one last night.

W is not an eater. and all of the experts who give advice on "how to get your kid to eat" don't know anything. I can't make it look pretty or make it fun by making funny faces with ketchup or make it "fun" by giving him something for dipping. None of it matters. He won't even try a bite. Most things I know he would like but he won't even try it.

I tried to trick him last night by calling the pizza (Amy's pizza), cheesy breadsticks. He loves the ones from Reginelli's. He was not fooled once he saw the tomato sauce oozing out and messing up his fingers. I panicked and like always rushed around trying to find a way to make it more appetizing for him. I know this is the reason he's a picky eater. It's my fault. and I did it yet again. Until I was just too tired. I cut it into squares and put it on the ottoman and rolled it in front of his easy chair while he was watching Elmo (this is awful, right? Letting him watch it totally in front of the tv on my new furniture) and left the room. A few minutes later I peeked in and there he was with tomato sauce all over his face smiling. I came out of hiding and he said, "Good!". This was the Alluluia moment! I could hear the angels singing. He ate the whole personal pizza. Now I know it's not the best thing he could be eating but that Amy makes a mean pizza. The crust is whole wheat, the tomatoes organic and well, W could not have said it better, "Good!".

I am so tired of making grilled cheeses. I am even more tired of making the real chicken nuggets from Whole Foods that take 30 minutes so Amy's pizza was the next best thing. I'll say it again. Alleluia.

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