Wednesday, May 06, 2009

J went to lunch with 2 guys that he frequently goes to lunch with. It sound so dreamy to me, an adult lunch without kids screaming or crying or whining around you. and then, get this! The 3 of them went for a stroll around downtown. I guess to people watch and check out the architecture. Sounds like a bunch of old ladies to me. J even admitted he felt like an old lady when they stopped to admire The Roosevelt Hotel. Old ladies or not I was and still am a bit envious. To be lollygagging around downtown as an adult alone without I said, heavenly.

What I wouldn't give for a day without someone sitting on me. It's tiring. I know, every stay at home mom blog has posted at least once if not ad nauseum about how exhausting it is being a stay at home mom. It's a constant and Pman wants to be sitting on me wherever I am. As long as I am not standing. I stand a lot. Because when he is on me, I may be sitting, but he is not. He is squirming and climbing and squirming some more. Now if I start tickling his legs at just the right time I can get him to calm down and sit still. and I try my best to drink in these moments of stillness and enjoy the cuddling from my little baby who really is not a little baby anymore. and I even try really hard to enjoy the times that he is squiggling around because I know one day soon, he will not want to even sit near me anymore.

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