Tuesday, May 12, 2009

W is a picky eater.

All my fans know about W's eating habits and yes, they are still driving me crazy. I read somewhere that by age 4 picky eaters start to abandon their stubborn eating habits and become more open minded about trying new things. So the countdown has begun and I am so keeping my fingers crossed.

I think back to when I was a kid and what we ate or what we were allowed to eat and I know that my mom's consistent "health kicks" had an influence on the way I eat now. These were the unwritten rules:
1.No cokes, only water
2.No bread unless whole wheat and then only for school lunches
3.If you get anything processed, Mom will read every ingredient until you are so grossed out that you don't want to eat it anymore.
4.No macaroni and cheese
5.Only fruit for breakfast (I think this was more that she hated to cook breakfast than a health thing) or bananas smoothies topped with wheat germ (which I actually still remember fondly)
6.Must drink a small glass of juice from her juicer whenever she hands you one (but you are never allowed to have more than one glass-this was prudent. I made myself a pitcher of juice one time when she was out of town and I was in the bathroom pretty much the whole weekend-a fiber thing)
6.No sweets (unless it's a special occasion in which case you eat a Sara Lee Cheesecake with canned blueberries)

Now, I am no health fanatic but I am very educated in the ways of nutrition because of Martha and I know what to eat to stay healthy. I love food and I am certainly not saying that I am a saint when it comes to healthy eating but I do my best during the week and am making a concerted effort to do the same on the weekends (except when L insists on eating crappy food at events on Friday nights) So I am still kind of worried about the way I have handled W's pickiness and how it will influence his future eating habits. I don't care what you say, I know in my mind that I cannot make W eat what he does not want to eat and I have stopped trying but when he asks for another mini cupcake, I give it to him. I let him eat french fries for supper or lunch or even breakfast just to get those little bit of calories in him. I bring him goldfish when I pick him up from school even though it's lunchtime. So if he is as influenced as I was by what his mom lets him do....Little W will be a blubbery Big W by the time he is 10.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I am 0 for 2 when suggesting places to eat with NOLAMOM. To all NOLAMOM readers, from now on disregard places NOLAMOM goes to go with the flow of her friends. "L".