Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've been gone

It's me. I am sorry for the prolonged absence. Everything has been so crazy with the end of the school year and Memorial Day. I feel like that was all so long ago.

Between my last post and now I planted one side of my flower bed.

Beautiful, isn't it? It took some real muscle to get the holes dug and the plants all planted. I am proud of myself and my garden. The agapanthas have since bloomed and today W snapped off one of the blooms. I cannot even explain the disappointment, not in W because when he realized he shouldn't have done it he was sad, but in losing my beautiful bloom that I feel I grew myself. Anyway, I started work on the other bed but I still need more flowers so you will just have to wait to see that. It's killing you, hunh?

I snapped an awesome photo of the boys in the bath. But some people think that's a no no to post pictures of your kid in bathtubs so you are missing out on the pure joy that was on their faces.

and then we went on a road trip to the North Carolina mountains to visit Mimi and Papa. That was quite an adventure and it will all be in my next post. I just need to upload photos first. But I promise it won't be longer than a day.

I'll leave you with a picture of the boys in their Sunday best.

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