Tuesday, January 05, 2010

OPERATION 2010-still going strong

The first night of OPERATION 2010 went relatively well. I served up the boys' plates, put them on the table and called them for supper. W hopped right into his chair and began eating his french fries. He didn't whine. He didn't cry or complain. He didn't eat anything but the french fries, either, but the lack of negative attitude was a HUGE step.

Pman on the other hand was in a mood. He ended up falling off of his booster seat, busting his chin and lip and never attempting to eat. I didn't force the issue.

Day 2 of OPERATION 2010.
I almost gave in to pizza. It's J's birthday. Happy Birthday, sweet husband!
and he wanted tacos. Gotta love that. Easy and delicious but I wasn't sure the kids could wait for him to come home. But I broke up their taco shells, put some taco meat mixed with shredded cheese, guacamole and salsa on their plate along with a half of a banana and a half of a cheese stick. I didn't hear any complaining from either one. and W even ate more than Pman did although Master P at least tried the ground meat. My only fear is that they will waste away to nothing. They had a great snack of hummus and pita chips (they are so hard to figure out, I would have taken seasoned ground meat and cheese over hummus any day at their age) so at least tonight they had something substantial. and they topped it off with Red Velvet Cake I made for J's birthday.

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