Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Natural-yeah right

The Little Buddy came with my mom and me to Sam's Club today. I have to say, he enjoyed it. Who wouldn't? I was looking for tortilla chips. I never found them but did come across All Natural Cheetos Cheddar Puffs. It sounded good and healthy so I picked up a bag and promptly handed them over to W. He was set for the rest of our Sam's trip. I am not sure who ate more, Mimi or W. Mimi kept saying how disgusting and bad for you they were but that didn't stop her from eating them. Never does. I think between the two of them they went through 3/4 of the bag. and she scolded me several times for letting him have them. But you know what? The LB may be a carb loader but on a daily basis the worst thing he eats are mini blueberry muffins. Otherwise he is eating flax seed and onion whole grain pita chips or veggie chips (on which I'm still not totally sold) from Whole Foods. He deserves a little indulgence every now and then of all natural goodness.

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