Monday, April 07, 2008

Bowing down to the babysitter

We went out on Saturday and when we got home Master P was in his crib and had been since 7:45. I have been wanting to drop the 9 o'clock feeding forever. I pretty much knew we were waaaay past the time to do that but I have been very hesitant as you can imagine. With W it was a no brainer and with one it's much easier to let them cry it out since there is not another one to wake up in the process. It took our incredible babysitter to finally do it for us. I asked her if she could move in. I was so excited. Whew! The relief I feel is inexplicable. We put him down again last night around that time and he slept through again. I hate to say that it's for good but at least it is looking promising.

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