Monday, April 28, 2008

Babies bedtime

Putting W to bed always made me anxious-from the very beginning. I think it was because he was my first and my ocd really hit its stride after I had him. And now there is so much to do to get him ready for bed that it all just makes me aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… I don’t know why.

I feel kind of guilty now because while J is putting W to bed, I put Master P to bed. And I actually enjoy it. It, of course, entails a lot less but I do enjoy it. I wash his face and hands, change his diaper, rub lotion on his legs and put on his pjs. Then I turn out the light and get his pop pop (pacifier) and we rock and sing. In keeping with my obsessive tendencies we of course sing the same song first. The Gambler. It relaxed W when he was a baby and P seems to like it too. Now, as much as I hate to admit it, I can’t sing. But I LOVE to sing. LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing. And there are certain songs that harmonize in my head better. The Gambler is one of them. Some others are Whitney Houston’s I will always love you and any of Air Supply’s songs to name a few.

Side note. When we were kids my dad would put in the Kenny Rogers and Helen Reddy 8 track on our way up to Vicksburg to visit his family. We (my dad, uncle Ra Ra and I—no matter what my mom says she rarely came up with us) would all sing loud and clear. I am not sure that The Gambler was on the soundtrack but Lucille was and The Coward of the County (you gotta love that one) but I don’t think those make for such good bedtime crooning.

Anyway, I am trying to mix it up a bit with the songs. I will always sing The Gambler first but I am hoping by mixing up the other songs every night my OCD won’t creep into Master P’s bedtime routine too badly. That’s when my anxiety gets out of whack and then I we would all be up a creek.

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