Monday, June 01, 2009

I have a parenting dilemma and I just need to vent. I am not sure there is a solution and I certainly haven't found one. Pman is quite the fireball. When he is happy, he is really really happy. and when he is mad he is pissed. Today we went to the Children's museum and he bit me. His shoe had fallen off and he was too busy to let me put it back on. So he bit me. It didn't hurt but that is besides the point. I just ignored him and struggled with him to get his shoe on. He also has been hitting me. Golly, he sounds like a holy terror doesn't he? I am so not used to this kind of behavior. W was a dream. Of course, he had his tantrums every now and then but he was a pretty even keeled baby and toddler. So this is a whole new road for me. He hits when he is a. not getting attention or b. when he is so angry he doesn't know what else to do. But darn it all, it hurts. I certainly don't want the stigma of my kid being "the biter" once he starts school but I have a feeling it can't be avoided.

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"time out" worked for me