Friday, July 10, 2009

Hardy: Miami Social

There's a new reality show coming soon. Miami Social. My radar was all in a twitter because, well, you know how I love the reality show. I continue to FF through commercial after commercial as I watch only recorded tv until I see a preview for Miami Social. But J doesn't share my interest. He said nonchalantly one night, "That looks like a snoozer." He didn't know my thoughts on it but he swayed me with his one comment because a. he usually likes reality tv and b. I didn't need to overwhelm my tv schedule with another show. So I put it out of my mind but I continued to watch the previews and then I saw Hardy, one of these Miami Socialites.

I KNOW HIM! He's my friend! I swear it! But I couldn't figure out how? I then I figured it out. He dated a friend of a friend. No! That's not it. Oh! He was friends with my friends' boyfriend from 20 years ago. Or wait, I think I know him from my TCU days. One of those Texas pretty boys. Really? I can't remember? Then I read his bio and saw that he's in hospitality. Did I work with him back in the day? So I started emailing all of the people who might possibly know him after which I started googling him to get some more scoop.

It didn't take me long to find out the info I was looking for or to be totally embarrased. So embarrased that I was laughing trying to decide whether to share this with J, I finally figured out how I know Hardy Hill.

Dare I tell you? It is embarrassing. He was on Season 2 of Big Brother. Pitiful, I know, to think that I am so enthralled with reality tv that I mistake a new reality celebrity for my friend.

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-e said...

I have only watched it once ( a little disappointing), but I shocked I did not catch that (maybe I didn't watch season two). However, I did find Katrina very familiar and (pat myself on the back) I remembered how by the end of the episode. She was on "The Apprentice" maybe even season 1, but I can't be sure.

I wanted to name one of my boys Hardy btw or if I had had a fourth. Short for my mother's maiden name Hardwick. But mother discouraged me b/c of the teasing she got for her name. Can you guess what it was? I was shocked when she told me. Now after watching Hardy I am sad b/c it is a great name, but not on him!