Friday, July 10, 2009

TV the old school way

We had to watch tv, the old school way the other night because our DVR was out. and it was MISERABLE! We had to flip through the stations to find something to watch and had to watch everything live. Ugh! It really changed the way we watched tv once we got DVR. We rarely watch anything that hasn't been recorded and if there is nothing recorded to watch we can atleast flip through the guide. We can get the kids to bed without worrying about missing something good, like the Bachelorette (I'm obsessed) and never have to waste our time with commercials.

It was almost as bad as not having a remote control. Remember those days? But I realized that we have just become darn lazy. My finger was tired from flipping, my mind was overwhelmed by all of the channels so I just went to sleep.

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