Monday, July 06, 2009

I love being a mom but....

All last week it was Camp S over here. W was out of camp and for some reason (which I can't for the life of me remember now) decided not to sign him up for anything for this month. My friend V convinced me that I could do it, this Camp S thing and plan our days of entertainment by myself. Little did I know that a. she would be out of town this month and b. that I am not the doer kind of mom that she is and would be going crazy.

The holiday weekend couldn't have come soon enough. So we spent the weekend mornings at the pool and I had J to help hustle them to and fro and care for them at all times. I love my husband.

So when he was kissing us goodbye this morning, the dread kicked in. Did you watch Oprah on Friday? about moms? I believe it was a rerun but it was good. and one mom was quoted as saying "I love being a mom. I just hate doing it."

I wanted to yell at the tv and say ME!ME!ME! I love being a mom, always. I do, but there are definitely those days that I hate doing it. The times that I hate doing it is when the constant fighting ensues. Golly, if I could have someone else get them dressed and bathed and out the door my life would be pure joy.

I say then but then I think about it and I realize that if I did have someone else do that for me I would miss all of those joyful moments when W finally says, "It's hard....but I DID IT!' or when he learns how to blubber his lip and will only talk to adults while blubbering his lip (this just started today). It really is hilarious. Or how about when Pman tries with all of his might to put on his shoe at the ripe old age of 1 1/2 and how he asks me for "ike" instead of "ice" and how he blubbers his lip almost as good as W or when you tell him to not touch something and he sticks his finger on it just one more time. I would miss all of that not to mention that the pure joy that I would get from someone else doing it would be a wash because I would not have the pure joy of those moments that actually come with the dreaded battles and consequences. Does that make sense?

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