Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Alright, all you fans out there. As you've noticed my posts have kind of gone down hill lately. The summer is killing me and I have little or no time to get my creative juices flowing. So I think I need a little vaca. Give me a few weeks. 2 at the most and I will be back in the saddle. I promise I am not going AWOL. I am just regrouping.

It hasn't been all bad during these dog days of summer. W realized that he "loves Daddy and he loves ketchup". That's big news and he's funnier than ever. and Porter is all smiles excepts when he's walking up to older kids and wacking them in the head. Can't explain it. He's talking in almost full sentences and is quite the man. So I will leave you on that note. Until the 14th of August!

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