Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trip to Napa

Oh my. What is the deal? I am so tired and ornery. Can it still be from my trip. I traveled to and from 3 different time zones. That's the only thing I can think of. I haven't been drinking and I am once again on a new health kick, for the gazillionth time. So what gives?

I feel badly for the little buddies because I have no patience and everything is getting on my last nerve. Like the fracking flute that W has rediscovered. But not only is he playing the heck out of it, he's also taught Master P how to master the flute. It was really cute, the flute lesson. I have to say it will probably be one of my greatest memories of the two of them together. But it's driving me bananas. At least it's not drums, right?

The trip to Napa was great. I had a good friend, a New Orleans turned San Francisco girl give me great advice on wineries and restaurants and we stayed at The Meadowood, where she actually got married (must have been atleast 7 years ago). And it was fabulously decadent. I know that there are a new bunch of luxurious hotels that have cropped up in wine country the past few years like Auberge du Soleil and Calistoga Ranch but I don't regret one minute staying where we did. The service is impeccable and the attention to detail is not to be rivaled. HEAVEN.

Next time I would plan on going longer because one full day and a half was taken up by traveling. But I am happy we went if even for a short time. We giddily ate and drank all day and night. I can't wait to go back.

Next up: Our restaurant meals in Napa

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