Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer vacation

and we're back!!! We went on a 10 day vacation and we are still recuperating. I am sure it's the longest vacation we have been on since we got married so we felt justified. We went to the mountains to visit my parents, Mimi and Papa. Of course the drive was hell, as always. But we made it safe and sound albeit smelling like vomit and with some new leg stretches under our belt.

J and I left for four days in the middle of it all to hightail it out to Napa to celebrate our anniversary. and we left the boys with my parents (Mimi and Papa). Did you hear me? WE LEFT THE BOYS WITH MY PARENTS! It's not a joke although Mimi sure did think it was. She looked like death warmed over until we left and whaddya know? She was glowing when we got back. They had a ball-all of them did and they even had a few inside jokes between them. Who'da thought? Anyway, we owe them big because it's a lot for me to handle and I am not quite as old. No offense.

The day before we left I found myself a bit anxious about it all and sad even to be leaving the boys to vacation without us. But before and after we still did a lot of fun things together. We went to our usual waterfall. The fall was light so it was shallow enough to wade around in.

aand J took W fishing.

We dug up worms and fed fish at the neighbors house. Pman and the worms became fast friends...until he pulled them apart.

We got to peek through the root system of a pulled up tree on Pman's first real hike.

We picked fresh edamame beans.

and searched for eggs in the chicken coop and lots more! but I won't bore you with the details.

As it turns out Master P, Holy Terror, Pman-whatever you want to call- him only acts like a holy terror when he's around me. They said he was an absolute pleasure and when he starting throwing his familiar tantrums (familiar to me anyway) my parents truly couldn't believe it.
Now I am on to him.

So now that we are back we are gearing up for school and W's birthday, of course. Wahooo! and praying for a great year.

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