Saturday, August 22, 2009

First days of school

The Little Buddy's first day of school was Friday. I was excited and worried. Turns out he had a great day and after hearing that and seeing how happy he was when I picked him up, you would of thought that it was me who had a great day. Before I had kids I never would have believed that something good happening to my babies would make me feel so manic. It's a crazy feeling.

Pman screamed and cried when W went off on Friday morning. "Schooooooool!" and all I could think was, "Dude, your day is coming." I asked W if he thought P was going to have fun.

"No. He's going to cry."

Well, that day is here and drop off for Pman has come and gone. He was a champ. I was a bit worried as we were walking out the door. He totally got what was happening-the school bag, all of us leaving together....he's no dummy.

So J, W and I all piled into Pman's little classroom to tell him goodbye and that was that. He didn't cry and well, dare I say it....Neither did I!!!! (He had is eye on a phone another baby was carrying. If I have to guess there is going to be a slap upside the head to that poor child for the phone by the end of the day) I feel a bit guilty about my lack of tears since I was truly hyperventilating when I dropped W off for his first day 2 years ago. But frankly, I might as well have kicked them out the door. It's good for all of us to have a little time to ourselves. Wahoooo!

What will I do, you ask? Well, today I ran around the park twice, got my coffee, stamped and mailed some invitations, ate an after-exercise and now here I sit


I have an hour to take a shower and clean up before I have to go get the boys. and what a beautiful hour it will be.

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