Monday, November 09, 2009


Just recently I have noticed a new obsession of W's. At first I thought it was a passing comment. A week has now passed and the comments have not let up. Before going into more detail let me remind you that W is 4.

The first comment went something like this:
I was bending down to his level so I could hear what he was telling me and then out of the blue
W: I like those.
Me: You like what?
W: Those. as he taps both (clothed) boobs (which W calls bumpity bumps) with the flashlight he was holding.
Me: I was so shocked that I just ignored it and moved on.

The second comment wasn't really a comment. It was more of a drive by. You know the kind that teenage boys are known for doing in the movie theatre. They yawn and ever so discreetly put their arm around the girl and the hand, oops, lands on the bumpity bump. Well, he's 4, so he doesn't yet know of the yawn technique. We were all hanging out on my bed (again, fully clothed), Me, Pman and W. and out of nowhere I hear him whisper, " I want to touch those" as he simultaneously does.

Me: You can't touch that. and I swatted his hand away, quickly.

The next incident occurred at Swamp Fest. J was sitting right there and he just went for the gold. W's comment: I want to touch the bumpity bumps.

All I am asking is for a little respect. I mean, I know he is all innocence. My sweet boy is just curious. He notices something different and just wants to check it out but really?

After sharing my story around it seems that "bumpity bumps" are quite the obsession for boys and girls of this age so I feel a bit better about it. But couldn't someone have warned me?

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Anonymous said...

at that age, my brother would shove his hand down the blouse of any woman who got close enough and yell, "got your candy!" Have no idea where he learned it.