Monday, December 29, 2008

Bromance with Brody Jenner

Photo courtesy of New York Daily News
I admit it. I watched it. and I will watch it again and again and again until the very end. and then I will write MTV and beg them to give him his own show like The Hills and The City.

and how about these dudes!?! I am predicting that Chris F. will win. The Kentucky guy is too good looking and too normal. He might overshadow Brody. Chris F. is not quite a total dweeb and not too cool or funny to overshadow the main man but funny enough to fit in with the Bros. The rest are kind of dumbasses although they do know of which they speak....sometimes. I can't remember which one said:
All girls want Brody and all guys want to be Brody. But it was good.

or how about my favorite quote from the scenes of the season:
Jered said something like, "Brody makes you feel like you have know him your whole life."
Ain't that the truth Bro. I could have said it myself. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

The contestants are all losers, as is expected from a show meant to idolize Brody Jenner.