Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Perfect Child

With the risk of sounding like a braggadocios mother I say that W is the perfect child. He was born an angel. Calm and mild mannered he was a first time mother's dream. When all the other moms were chasing after their kids, W just sat by my side and smiled. He is sweet to the core although a new, more ballsy side has come out in his later years, he's still calm, focused, collected and like I said, a dream, relatively speaking.

6 out of the 11 kids in W's class have had the dreaded stomach virus. I posted the other day that I had been waiting for it. Well, it came a knockin' tonight. He woke from his nap in a good mood and it hit him like a ton of bricks. One minute he was playing games with Mimi, the next he was laid out on my lap (something that all mother's of a 3 year old boy knows is rare). He was peaked and quiet and just wanted me. and then it happened, the sickness invaded and I have to say even through all the vomiting he has been my perfect child. He aimed for the slop bucket, didn't really cry and then after the episodes were over he was totally lethargic but still in good spirits.

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Sara said...

I'm pretty lucky too. Litlle Monkey is pretty near perfect. Hope I can still say that in a couple of years!