Monday, December 01, 2008

Pascal Manales

We are trying not to eat at the same places every weekend so when my dad said they had delicious oysters at Pascal Manales we decided to give it a try. I haven't been to Manales really since I was a teenager. It's not how I remembered but it is how it should be. Bright and loud and a bit plain.

We made reservations but got there early so we could eat raw oysters. We ate them at the marble oyster bar where "Uptown T" the city's most famous oyster shucked, served them to us. The were salty and super cold and served from a man with a true New Orleans attitude. I didn't even need Saltines they were so salty and good.

I won't go on about the meal. I was kind of dissapointed, except for the disgustingly decadent fried slabs of cheese we ordered to start. LC (not the one of LA) told me about them and she was right. They are not to be missed. But the rest was mediocre and I don't need to go back except for raw oysters and a cold beer one afternoon. The one thing I know for sure is that it is a FABULOUS place for people watching. They got some characters in 'ere.


Anonymous said...

Keep posting the restuarant reviews - thanks for this one, your friend V.P.B. was pushing her husband to go here a few weeks ago...I told her so!

NolaMom said...

Glad you enjoyed the review. I am certainly not a food writer although I would love to be in my next life.