Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We got our Christmas tree yesterday and I put up the lights today. I have to say that you can't even tell that it is my 2nd year to put up lights alone. I did consult several sources (Camille, Lauren, my mom-all with differing opinions) because however I put them up last year, well let's just say I had to take them down and do it again because I had nothing to plug into the wall. Anyway, it's up and halfway decorated. I thought we had more ornaments than we do so it's kind of sparse but still beautiful.

I just got up from watching the tree, reflecting on my life, my husband, my boys, my family and friends and praying too. After I talked to God about how blessed I was to have my family in my life (sorry if this is too religious for you) I started thinking about friends and within a second (without thinking about) I picked up the phone and called my oldest friend. I haven't talked to her probably since the week after Halloween and it was like we have talked everyday since. That's when you realize how much old friends mean to you. when you haven't talked in forever and when you finally do catch up with each other it is so easy to talk not only about serious things but also about homemade granola, dry hands, dirty houses. and I was even able to pee while you talked! So here's to making new friends but especially keeping the old.

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