Friday, April 03, 2009

Broken refrigeraters, poo poo and shopping

You would think from the scarcity of my posts that I am so so busy. I am not necessarily so but I am still stressed anyway. We have been out of a refrigerator for a week now, with one week to go. It's crazy how much you miss it when you don't have it. Now, we are living with scarce provisions in my old college refrigerator (which is still running strong despite his age) and a small one in the back garage. But IT IS STRESSING ME OUT. It totally upsets my routine and THAT I do not like.

Amidst all of the refrigerator debacle, I have been looking for a dress to wear to a wedding. and shoes to go with it. So Pman and I have been on the go all week to mall after store after mall. BTW, he loooooves the mall. He seemed to like Lakeside better than Saks. More colors, more water fountains, more things to get into. I finally found the dress but am still on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. I am particular about shoes but I won't bore you with the details.

In addition, the poo poo potty training came to a head last night, or rather the bathtub. DON'T get me started because it's not a pretty or pleasant story. and I am mad. I asked J if I was too mean and he said my anger was justified. "He has to have consequences". Enough said.

On top of it all I am trying to get ready for the Crescent City Classic and I kind of let my training die. The farthest I have run in the past week is 3.5 miles so I am not even sure I can finish. Oh, I am so disappointed in myself.

So there are my reasons for not posting lately. I hope I won't have to come up with anymore anytime soon.

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Sara said...

Check TJ Max for the shoes. I always find good stuff there. I'm running the Classic and can't wait. I'm not worried about that but I am not sure about my half marathon. I may wimp out. We'll see. I bet you will have no problem with the CCC. If you are running 3.5, 6 will be no problem with all your adrenalin pumping.