Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trip to the Beach

We've been to the beach. W and Pman's first time to visit the Gulf and they had a ball. That's why I have been so scarce around here. Not that I haven't had a million things to post-especially while at the beach-but I have a thing about posting too much information online. I know, I post a lot but I do draw a line somewhere.

Here are a few teaser pictures to keep you hanging on until tomorrow.

W building a sand castle.

Pman's feet in the sand

W after a swim at the pool.

and Pman playing life sized chess.

Oh, but I have much to tell about our trip to the beach and many many doozer photos. For ex. RaRa, JoJo and Papa playing badminton. Certainly a sight to see. Just you wait.

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